Pornography is a sin, right? Taking it maturely, isn't?


Hey everyone! I had a thought in my mind for awhile. A friend of mine is a Christian and she watches porn but she told me she takes it maturely. Does it still make it a sin? While for me, it would be really hard not to take it as a sin because I get a lot of sensual urges when I do watch. However, I know what happens in those videos, it isn’t natural and women there are objectified.


Lizz, your concern is justified. That your friend chooses to speak of pornography in terms of 'taking it maturely" doesn’t make is any less sinful.
The bible and the commandments of God, do not teach us to sin “maturely”, they command us not to sin!

Paragraph 2354
“Pornography consists in removing real or simulated sexual acts from the intimacy of the partners, in order to display them deliberately to third parties. It offends against chastity because it perverts the conjugal act, the intimate giving of spouses to each other. It does grave injury to the dignity of its participants (actors, vendors, the public), since each one becomes an object of base pleasure and illicit profit for others. It immerses all who are involved in the illusion of a fantasy world. It is a grave offense. Civil authorities should prevent the production and distribution of pornographic materials.”

Sometimes our friends are not our best spiritual guides.

God bless you,


How does she watch porn maturely? Is she analyzing it or something?
I wonder what would happen if your friend applied the same rule to other aspects of life.
Hey guys. I just cheated on my test, but it’s okay because I did it maturely.
Hey guys. I just cheated on my spouse, but it’s okay because I did it maturely.
Hey guys. I just committed grand theft, but it’s okay because I did it maturely.
Hey guys. I just assaulted someone, but it’s okay because I did it maturely.



And with that, this thread has ended. There is nothing left to be said on the subject after you’ve so eloquently and succinctly summed up the problem. Nice post!


Oh, my. Someone is a little high on themselves.

“There is a way that seems good to a man, but it’s end is the way of death.”
“There was no king in Israel in those days; each did what was right in his own eyes.”
“Be not wise in your own eyes.”

Who were these statements talking about? Surely those who were less mature. They must have applied to those who secretly knew that they were being bad… not me!

It sounds like a sort of the Alumbrados heresty, “The alumbrados held that the human soul can reach such a degree of perfection that it can even in the present life contemplate the essence of God and comprehend the mystery of the Trinity. All external worship, they declared, is superfluous, the reception of the sacraments useless, and sin impossible in this state of complete union with God. Persons in this state of impeccability could indulge their sexual desires and commit other sinful acts freely without staining their souls.”

Pray for your friend and help her to submit humbly to the Church and not to her carnality.


LOL! I have never heard that one. Maybe if you’re too old to be excited by porn, too old to see it and too deaf to hear it, well, I guess that could be considered taking it maturely.

I hope your friend will listen to a gentle reminder from you regarding Church teachings rather than trying to justify her behavior creatively.


The Bible speaks about modesty in numerous places. By looking at this, and promoting it, it is contributing to this. She could be mature still and not participate in this and discourage from others from participating in this business.

These people are parents, spouses, children of somebody. How would she feel if it were her son or daughter involved in pornography and people all watching? These are excuses and rationalizations to keep on sinning, making that sin not as bad.

It’s like the people who read Playboy “for the articles”.


Wow! Now I am enlightened. Thanks for all the answers guys. It all makes sense to me now. And I do agree with all of it. Even though you take pornography as maturely, it won’t make you less sinning. But how about those scenes in movies or tv series when they are already married, and of course there will be a scene when they do intercourse because they’re already married. Is it okay for us to watch that?


I suppose it depends upon the purpose of her viewing pornography. If someone is watching pornography in the line of work where it is evidence in a court case, or where it is a serious object of study (and I would question how seriously a lot of these studies are), then that is again another thing. In all these types of cases, the purpose is not to get sexually aroused or to objectify people, so I can’t see how its a sin.

But if your friend is viewing porn for its ordinary purpose, then there is no question of its sinfulness. I also suggest that if she is “taking it maturely” then she’s doing it wrong. Might as well enjoy it if she wants to sin anyway instead of deluding herself. Or better yet, she should just stop deluding herself that there could be anything good in watching smut. Like any sin, it can become a vice and be really hard (no pun intended) to stop if it goes on long enough.


Who is she kidding? Watching porn is a (mortal) sin; no exceptions are made for “maturity”.


Porn is porn. The storyline doesn’t matter. It’s purpose is to excite the audience so that’s where the sin comes from.


:confused: Surely not.

In most movies, they might make it obvious that a married couple is doing what married people do, but they wouldn’t actually show the act itself.


^uh yes, that’s my point! And of course, why would you show the act to the whole public, where kids can watch these scenes? So I guess is it really okay to put that scene into the movie? and of course, not like the pornography.


The lie that has been preached for many years is that “mature” people can watch porn. That’s false in every case. Women are treated as objects. Porn depicts things that should never be seen in public and that’s what porn is.



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