Pornography on Airplanes, Where You Can’t Look Away

NY Times:

Pornography on Airplanes, Where You Can’t Look Away

WHEN Ryanair’s chief executive, Michael O’Leary, announced this month that his airline may soon offer in-flight pornography, he told the British tabloid The Sun, “Hotels around the world have it, so why wouldn’t we?”
The flaw in Mr. O’Leary’s logic notwithstanding (hotel rooms have doors; airplane seats are surrounded by eyeballs, some very young), his proposal isn’t so radical. As most any flight attendant will confirm, passengers are already indulging in racy content downloaded onto their phones, tablets or laptops from outside sources.

Beth Blair, a flight attendant and travel writer based in Minneapolis, said she once worked on a flight out of Burbank, Calif., during which an adult-film editor and his assistants began editing footage on their laptops. A child was sitting behind them. “I asked them to turn it off ASAP,” she wrote in an e-mail. “Instead of obliging, they built a private area/tent out of newspapers. Luckily, the volume was turned down.”
Extreme cases aside, the line circumscribing acceptable content is blurry. Pornography is one thing. But even a tasteful R-rated movie may have some scenes that parents don’t want to have to explain to kids in neighboring seats.
It’s not just a problem for children. Michael Carroll, an editor in New York, said he found himself in an awkward situation. He was sitting next to an elderly woman when he encountered a graphic scene in the film he was watching, “Eastern Promises,” featuring a naked Viggo Mortensen.
“She watched the scene for a few seconds, then just looked away and leaned back her chair to sleep,” he said.

The Department of Transportation imposes no rules on airlines in this regard, said Bill Mosley, a spokesman for the agency’s Aviation Consumer Protection and Enforcement division. Airlines like Southwest and American have chosen in recent years to block pornography sites from what passengers can access online. Many airlines give flight attendants no explicit rules about when they should intervene, leaving it to the crew’s discretion.

Is there a law in the US, or anywhere else for that matter, where it is illegal to show pornography to children, or to people who don’t want to view it?

Surely there is.

It is “offensive” material, and surely there are laws where people can’t be “offensive” to others, as in this case.

So the people showing the “offensive” material, and possibly those in control, such as the airlines in this case, could be sued, couldn’t they?

the devil is at work here!

Uhhmmmmm, I thought pornography was illegal - period - as concerns the general public. :confused:

Is it possible this is just a publicity stunt? Didn’t Ryanair also announce, a year or two ago, that they would charge to use the toilet?

Hope the flight crew isn’t watching while they should be flying the aircraft.

I’m actually not trying to be a smart aleck here: A couple of years ago an over-the-road truck driver hit a woman in a car on the NY Thruway, killing her. The cause of the accident: He had his laptop braced on the steering wheel, and was watching porn as he tooled on down the highway at sixty miles per hour in command of an 80,000 pound vehicle.

Having in-flight trash isn’t much of a favorable advertisement in my eyes. It would most likely send me shopping for an airline ticket at a different carrier.

If it is true, shouldn’t then all Catholics (that’s over a billion people, I think) ban Ryanair?

Nor should they. This is a business decision for the airlines. I don’t want to watch pornography, but I also don’t want the government telling me what I can and cannot watch on private property. (Yes, an airplane, unless it is owned by the government, is private property, regardless of how many people are allowed in or what those people may see when they are inside of it.)

They do and don’t.

They charge to use the standard toilet but there is a free one outside.


Oh, dear God, have mercy on us. :sad_yes:

More evidence of the decimating of God in our society.

Through the prayers of the Mother Of God, have mercy on us and save us. Amen. :signofcross:

I found this on Youtube, it’s the ultimate take on Ryanair: Cheap Flights.

I’m not sure I understand your statement. Wouldn’t that conflict with some sort of freedom and rights? Can you elaborate?

Weren’t they also looking into standing slots for short hops? (Although I think it was deemed unsafe, and so never pursued.

Well, there’s always this airline as an alternative, I suppose. Problem is, you don’t land with the plane!;postatt_id=97247;guest=82415368&t=search_engine

I think the management of RyanAir are firm believers of the dictum: “No publicity is bad publicity.”

:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

Was that right next to the smoking gazebo?

My take on this is simple: Stuff like this is going to come up in our society. Be it airplanes or whatever, you’re going to have faithful Catholics, and innocent children, etc. right next to pornographers and persons of their ilk. When stuff like this happens, it is a good time for the Catholic community to rally it’s troops and take action. Here… if an airline says it’s going to offer online pornography… Catholics then boycott that airline until it changes it’s policy.

I thought of this, particularly because an airline in Israel stopped a policy where it didn’t fly on Saturday (the Jewish Shabbos)… the Orthodox Jewish communities said they refused to fly that airline, due to the high level of organization, a community which is roughly 1/8 of the population got its way. It took the airline like a month or two, and it once again ceased to fly any planes on Saturday (Shabbos).

Anyways, there are A LOT of Catholics in America. And, it is a shame that we don’t act like a community anymore. Because if we were as organized in our opposition to immoral actions taken by companies as the Orthodox Jews in Israel then a lot of those companies would change their ways. They’d be forced to, they work to make a profit, and if they lost all the money they got from Catholics, they’d have to be a little more Catholic-friendly to get that money back.

I totally agree. 100 percent.

And forums like these are a great way to get people to (a) be aware of such decisions by companies and (b) organise a response.

Personally, I think Catholics have been “pushovers” for far too long and is one of the reasons for today’s sad world.

We should make our feelings known.

If it is offensive, say so.

Saying nothing can be, and has been, IMO, very harmful.

When I saw this headline I could hardly believe big airlines would lower themselves to this kind of playing field. What the “hell” is next prostitutes on airplanes?

What about the safety Stewardesses? I can just imagine the sexual harassment charges against half drunken air-travelers and class action suits against airline companies.

How Neanderthal do people get? :dts:

Are they offering lap dances with the porn?:smiley:

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