Pornography on Airplanes, Where You Can’t Look Away

One simple fight back, if you find yourself seated next to a pornography user, is to calmly pull out your Bible and start reading it. I travel with my Bible everywhere, and, while I’m not out to get a reaction from anyone nearby (I routinely read from Scripture everyday and I can cover a lot of ground on long haul flights), people notice. No one has ever said anything. Sometimes they smile, and sometimes they burrow a little more deeply into whatever they’re reading or watching, but they do notice.

But you are right. It would be nice if the Christian community would band together in a concerted response to these witless slobs.


Agreed. And given the picture in the story of the OP in referral to the New York Times emc=rss

One really has to ask what kind of IDIOT is going to embarrass themselves playing porn on the backseat of an airplane video display. Gee; if I was the stewardess I’d be avoiding servicing that individual.

But really given the fact this is a secular sensationalistic story that sells newspapers and looking to rally response from individuals I personally find hard to believe the airlines will offer this kind of garbage. Makes me want to ask what kinda reputation are they really looking for? Little minds will amuse themselves with little things.:banghead:

What about if the people next to that pornographer are recovering from a pornography addiction? The selfish man has just given them a relapse of their addiction.

As a Catholic, you should know that people do not have a “right” to commit sin.

I had the same thought. Sex addiction, or more preciesely, porn addiction is quite troublesome.

I believe you have me confused with someone that approves of this sinful accaptance of porn on airplanes or in privacy. On the contrary. I was thumps upping that we should all pull out our bible when traveling and sitting next to someone engulfed in any kind of tainted perversion, provided we don’t have any other place to get away from them… Pull out your bible, rosary, brevary and especially family pictures of innocent children in the context of a family setting… remind the knucklehead that those women are someone’s sister, daughter, wife or even mother. The dignity of women ought to be protect to the point of making it law to string one of those jerks up like a Christmas tree light fixture… They are treating the women just as kindly.

I’m one of those that has struggled with porn addiction for years (as many of you know here). Most of the time I win, sometimes I do not. The thing is, I get back up, confess my sins to my priest, and say trust and pray in God. And keep fighting the good fight.

Sitting me next to someone who is going to openly show pornography on their laptop would be like adding gasoline to a fire for me.

And I WOUD say something to that person. Maybe tell them that I’m a recovering porn addict and to please don’t make “relapse.” And that I am a Christian, anyway, and regard what the person is doing as sinful, disrespectful, and insensitive to other people’s rights.
With my luck, they would probably say------“Tough luck, guy. It’s my right. Look away.”
In which case I would demand to be moved to an empty seat on the back of the plane away from this person and the offending material.
Another question: what about kids on the airplane?
Do they have a right to not be exposed to this on a plane? They have NO right to have this played near them?

Lord, have mercy on our souls.

Through the prayers of the Mother of God, have mercy on us and save us. Amen.

Yeah, but they cannot offer a movie about Jesus.

This is beyond disgusting. Have they ever thought to consider that children might be seated next to the man/woman watching pornography? That is, of course, not to mention the fact that viewing pornography is gravely sinful. It is things like this that cause me to lose faith in people and in businesses throughout the world.

This airline is well known for pulling media stunts to draw in publicity. Previous bright ideas include: Having flight attendants as co-pilots, standing on short flights, and pay toilets. None of them have ever come into fruition and I suspect this is going to be similar. I just think they use hysterical media as their personal PR department. They don’t operate in the U.S, but I highly doubt European law would be any more accommodating to them.

I was thinking, when I read this yesterday (I think it was on Spirit Daily), what would happen if the plane were to crash while the passengers were watching pornography? It’s a sin, after all…

I would definitely NOT fly on this airline if it continued to do this!

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