Portable washers


We’re looking at moving soon, and one of the places we’re considering does not have a washer/dryer hookup so I’ve been doing some research on portable washers. Has anyone here got any experience with them? What I’ve found so far sounds like a Haier or Danby would be the way to go. Specific reviews with brand names would be greatly appreciated. We cloth diaper which adds up to 3 small loads per week plus our usual 2-4 medium sized loads of clothes/towels/sheets/pet blankets/whatever so going to the laundry mat would be inconvenient and expensive. I think I could rig up some indoor clothes lines to dry so we wouldn’t need a dryer if the washer had a good spin cycle.


We bought the Haier from Wal-Mart (free shipping!) in order to cloth diaper when we still lived in an apartment. It was a great little machine! I loved being able to customize the water temperature, since it hooks up to a sink.


Back in the late 1970’s I bought a portable Sanyo washing machine. It rolled around on wheels and hooked up to the kitchen faucet. My wife and I got divorced in 1983 and she didn’t want it, so I loaded it into the trunk of my car and took it to my new apartment. Two years later I moved into an apartment that had a washer and dryer, so I loaned the Sanyo to a friend. She used it for a couple of years. She finally got a washer and dryer of her own, so the Sanyo spend a couple of years just sitting in my storage unit. I moved again, to a house that came with an old dryer in the basement but no washing machine. I just hooked up the old Sanyo (had to get a new hose with a connection for the washer hook up). I used it until 2003 when I moved again and decided that I should finally purchase a REAL washer and dryer. I gave the Sanyo to a friend of mine who was getting divorced and couldn’t afford to buy a new washer. Last I heard, it was still running.

Needless to say, I recommend Sanyo. :thumbsup:


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