Portiuncula Indulgence today, Aug 2

Just a reminder that today, Friday Aug 2, you can obtain the Portiuncula plenary indulgence by visiting your local church “with a contrite heart” and saying one Our Father and the Creed, and fulfilling the “usual conditions” (be in a state of grace, have no attachment to sin, Confession within 20 days, Holy Communion within a few days, and pray for the Holy Father’s Intentions). As usual, if you do not fulfill all the conditions, it will be partial.

It’s First Friday today so If you are going to church anyway, you might as well try to get this indulgence.

Additionally, if anyone would like to do a good deed and donate their indulgence to a deceased soul, I am linking to a Prayer Intentions thread where a forum member is requesting indulgences for her late father.


Thanks @Tis_Bearself I never heard of this and this is the anniversary day of my mother’s death.

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