Portland Archbishop Performs Exorcism Rituals for Portland, Place of Violence, Murder, and Destruction

On Saturday, October 17, hundreds of people left the Cathedral in procession along Northwest Everett Street. Arriving upon a city Park, Archbishop Alexander K. Sample, led a rosary asking for God’s protection, and performed a ritual of exorcism, in Latin.


I sincerely hope he isn’t just getting around to this for the first time now. It’s needed done for months


Place of Violence, Murder, and Destruction? It must be a different Portland, Oregon. I’ve lived here my entire life and I’m a 4th generation native to this city. We’re not a city of “murder, violence, and destruction”. What a yellow headline. We’re no more prone to murder than any other city of comparable size, and the violence and destruction that occurred in the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder has long since ceased. I drive all over the city of Portland nearly every day as a Lyft driver and I have not witnessed any “murder, violence, or destruction”. The protests, violent as they were, were confined to a very small area (roughly 2 blocks by 2 blocks) immediately surrounding the downtown police station. This headline is deceptive and insulting.


God bless and protect our bishops and our priests.


I’m not sure where it even says that in the article. It appears to have been added in the thread.

Sorry, my initial reply was re. a different thread.

The OP headline reads Place of Violence, Murder, and Destruction.

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I have to disagree that there’s not violence and destruction. There are still protests turning into riots almost every night. They are not confined to a few blocks downtown and have targeted the police union building, the police precincts in various parts of the city, the ICE building, etc. There was a billboard set afire next to a police building just a few days ago. And what about the historical society which was targeted recently too?

Do you live in Portland? Turning violent nearly every night? A few random acts of violence, vandalism, etc does not make us “a home of murder, violence, and destruction”

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News Reports on Violence and Murder in Portland:

These acts are obscene’: Portland mayor condemns violence, destruction at late-night protests," at https://www.13newsnow.com/article/news/local/mayor-wheeler-portland-police-hold-joint-press-conference/283-781b88ec-a63f-4822-b05d-2a7cf761443c

‘Police: Violence at Portland protest escalates to firebombs,’ at https://apnews.com/article/shootings-oregon-racial-injustice-louisville-kentucky-a06bce0496b0913abcfd3c54d1aaf916

'Suspect in fatal Portland shooting of Trump supporter had gun in pocket when killed by task force: Officials," at https://abcnews.go.com/US/suspect-fatal-portland-shooting-trump-supporter-gun-pocket/story?id=73609495

‘Burn it down’: Portland protesters light fire near police precinct; 15 arrested at https://ktvz.com/news/crime-courts/2020/09/07/burn-it-down-portland-protesters-light-fire-near-police-precinct-15-arrested/

A “few” random acts of violence can burn down a neighborhood. Starting fires inside buildings even once is not acceptable. And beyond the protests that have turned into riots almost every night, there is a big increase in shootings in Portland. I know someone who lives in far East Portland and there is now one or two shootings almost every night within a five mile radius and it didn’t use to be like this. Plus her car was stolen at gunpoint in her own driveway on a Sunday afternoon. It’s getting to be like Detroit or Chicago.

I guess you missed the destruction of statues of President Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln that occurred less than two weeks ago. The mob then proceeded to break windows of the Oregon Historical Society and went onto the Portland State campus to break even more windows.

There have been a bunch of articles in the national news about Portland having 100 days of unrest and multiple riots, shootings are on the rise etc. For those of us who don’t live there, this is the impression we get from the last several months.

However, there was also a recent article in the NY Times talking about how the protests are confined to one small part of the downtown, and while a lot of the rural people in the area surrounding the city are concerned about this because they already feel unwelcome and put-upon by the liberals who live in the city, it also mentioned that many of the nice residential neighborhoods of the city aren’t seeing any disruption to their own neighborhoods or lives because of the protests, and were even amused at their friends and family from out of town calling up to see if they’re okay.

I would imagine this is similar to when there were riots in my city where I grew up and they were all on the east side of town and we lived in the suburb to the west, so not much worry from where we were sitting as long as one didn’t go downtown or (worse yet) to the east side where the unrest was happening. Most of the folks in my neighborhood didn’t go downtown for literally years after that, unless they absolutely had to go for work. But everything was fine out in our area, which was only 5 miles from the heart of downtown.

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The United States of America should be exorcised altogether… Especially California… :unamused:

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