Portland parish protests new priest’s policies

I’m sure there’s a non-denom feel-good church nearby for them to join.
I’m afraid had I been there I may have engaged in physicality. After Mass, of course, when it’s appropriate to engage in such matters.

Whatever. CAF is (rightly so) an echo chamber on his one.


Oh I agree. If this went down at mass when I was there, I have no idea what I would have done. One thing is talking about it, but right during mass? And there really is nothing to talk about, they were promoting disobedience. They literally want their parish to go against the Church. Anyone yelling should have been asked to leave and not come back until they reconcile, and certainly not have received the Eucharist after this. What they did was an abomination, blasphemy to an extent I can’t think of many worse scenarios. They also should have been asked not to return until they attend a formation or catechesis course emphasizing church teaching and obedience.

Honestly though this parish would probably do better without these people.


Totally agree and sisters too. The area of the altar should be for, clergy and altar severs. The eastern church has the lectors in a much better place…so reverant and dignified.

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What a disgrace…God help us. This priest who comes from a country where Christians get martryed for the faith and he has to have these nut jobs as some of his parishioners.


I disagree. I would simply take it as an indication that the parish is a “safe space” for immigrants, both documented and otherwise, as well as refugees. Nothing more. The priest might have seen the sign as a magnet for ICE raids and other activity, which would in that case make removal of the sign a prudential judgment.

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All parishes should be ‘safe spaces’ for all believers. No need for a sign.


Yes, but the fear that some of these people live in (due to their irregular legal standing) is very real, and if they can have explicit assurance that the parish is, as I said, a “safe space”, then they can be a little less afraid. My experience with immigrants whose legal status is questionable (I never asked) tells me that they tend to be evasive talking about their families, where they live, where they are from in their home country, and so on. Perfectly understandable.

That was one of the things that stuck out to me. I’ve seen several places that see the parish as “theirs” and treat the pastor as an employee that works for the Parish Council.

Having seen a number of handmade vestments, there are probably good reasons he was going to put them in storage. One set I remember seeing reminded me of the vestment equivalent of a fourth grader’s clay ashtray; made with plenty of heart, but no skill or talent.


I hate to play up on stereotypes, but why are a bunch of Unitarian Universalist angry at what happens at a Catholic church?


Not to sidetrack the thread, but I passed the local Unitarians the other night and they had an advert up for their next sermon which is going to be about “Reclaiming our Democratic Faith”. I wondered whether you now had to be a Democrat to attend there.


Aging parish of clueless hippies whitesplain their inclusive community to a Nigerian immigrant priest. Sounds like Portland to me.


Lol. Thanks. That’s great. I went to go listen but got sidetracked bu the polish kid who stopped the acronym march with a cross and a rosary.


Maybe there actually is something in the water in Portland.

They are very fond of their public protests

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Sounds like the initiator of the abuses was disciplined for much worse abuses.

That said, this is what happens when abuses are allowed to fester for too long. They become « normalized » and create a lot of bad feelings when someone finally has the courage to stop them. This should have been dealt with in 2001 when Durand was removed.

Who are you going to get to serve Mass?


I was thinking the same thing. I thought I clicked on Eye of the Tiber for a minute.


Just go back to how it was in the TLM. Have a few altar servers. Which could be adult acolytes. Have the choir in the loft in the back. And the priest can do all the readings instead of just the Gospel.


Romans 1:22. “Claiming to be wise, they became fools.”


Time for us to be fools (1 Cor 3:18), “so that no one might boast” (1 Cor 1:29), and pray for those whom we think are the fools:

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou amongst women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death.



The Pacific Northwest is mission territory, indeed. We are blessed with some wonderful priests, of whom many are from countries other than the U.S.
I currently assist at parishes with priests from Vietnam, India, and Poland, in addition to those who are native born. Their catechesis is excellent and sorely needed. I am so grateful for their presence and ministry.
May God continue to raise up Holy Priests for His people.


I just find this entire situation sad, and I feel like I’m missing something. Of course the parishioners were wildly inappropriate. I never seen anything like that happen…not even close…not once.

Why didn’t the parishioners just simply talk to the priest about their concerns? It’s Portland, it’s not like there is only one Catholic church in the city. They could always go to another Parish. This is a powerful way lay people can express their concerns.

Were there no Deacons that the parishioners could quietly talk to? Deacons can do quite a lot to quietly resolve situations like this (including telling the parishioners they are wrong!). I’ve seen Deacons really have a lot of influence in situations like this.

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