Portland responds with love after Latino Catholics harassed during Mass [CNA]


Portland, Ore., Feb 9, 2017 / 06:01 am (CNA/EWTN News).- A week after Hispanic Catholics experienced racial harassment and taunts from a group of men during a Spanish Mass, the local community in Portland, Oregon sprang into action to show their support for the churchgoers.

Despite the chill and the rain, an estimated 200-300 people created a human barrier on Sunday, Feb. 5, protecting parishioners of St. Peter Catholic Church from possible harassment.

It was a different scene than what had greeted parishioners the week before, when a group of about eight men dressed as hunters shouted racial and sexual slurs at parishioners during Spanish Mass, and taunted the congregation for being made up of many immigrants, according to the Catholic Sentinel. The group of men was nowhere to be seen the following week.

**The harassment came at an already tense time for the parish because of new federal immigration policy proposals. Pastor Fr. Raul Marquez, a native of Colombia who has been pastor at St. Peter’s for 5 years, said he had never seen anything like it. **

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This looks like an outlier, though a shameful one, perpetrated by some nutty street preacher group calling itself “Bible believers”. One wonders the degree to which this was anti-Hispanic and to which is was garden-variety anti-Catholic.

But the locals rose to the occasion, according to the article, and good for them.

“Catholics, Christians and non-believers showed up in force to provide support, complete with welcoming signs in both English and Spanish and a table of coffee and sweets.”



One way for good to overcome evil.


It might not be a regular occurrence in the Catholic world but non whites are targeted enough with hate and discrimination in this country that when it occurs, it is not an outlier. And if it were “garden-variety anti-Catholic”, they could have targeted white Catholics but they chose this immigrant congregation at a Spanish Mass. Surely a city the size of Portland OR have other Catholic churches and Masses that could have been targeted had it been more of a case of anti-Catholic. But we agree good for those who rose up.


You don’t know that other congregations were not targeted in some way by this group.

And events like the one reported certainly are outliers. There are thousands of Hispanic masses said in this country, and this is the only about which I have read undergoing such things.

Racism is frowned upon by the media. Anti-Catholicism is part of the belief system of many in that profession, so it’s not really newsworthy.


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