Portland woman says Al Gore groped her in hotel room

This has a major ick factor, so if you don’t read it, I don’t blame you, but it seems Al Gore is following in Clinton’s footsteps, right down to the stained clothes:

"A Portland massage therapist gave local police a detailed statement last year alleging that former Vice President Al Gore groped her, kissed her and made unwanted sexual advances during a late-night massage session in October 2006 in a suite at the upscale Hotel Lucia.

The woman told investigators that she informed two friends and kept the clothes she wore that night, including her black pants with stains on them. But Portland police didn’t contact any of the woman’s friends, obtain the potential evidence or interview anyone at the hotel, records show. "

The rest of it is not decent for this forum, but if you want to read it (wash your hands afterwards), here it is:


Excuse me, I have to go wash my hands now.

Heard this on the local news this morning.

Hard to know what to make of it yet.

Well, of course, we can’t know for sure that it’s true. But if the people she told can corroborate that, and if the stain on her pants matches Al Gore’s DNA, it’s looking pretty bad for him. The really nasty part is that he was almost our president.

I guess there is a reason why Tipper left him.

How the mighty fall.

I don’t think that it is being claimed that the stain on the pants is a ‘sexual stain’. Or am i misreading something?

I’m not entirely sure- I mean, I’m not entirely sure how it would be relevant if it wasn’t. If it is such a stain, he’s got real problems. If not, they’ll probably just settle the case out of court.

I don’t think she would have kept the pants if the stain was grape juice. :rolleyes:

And she goes public with this ALLEGATION nearly four years later? This business has a smell about it and smacks of someone trying to make political hay of it now. :frowning:

I take no pleasure from the personal problems of those I disagree with politcally. Both he and Tipper need our prayers.

Well said my friend!

I agree. Gores a piece of work and I find the man disgusting as he is. The encounter may have happened, but even if it were mutual his status is prone to blackmail. I don’t think proving yourself innocent is going to be easy in these situations, he does have his work cut out for him.

If he throws some settlment money at her, he’s guilty. If he fights it, he’s probably innocent.

From the article…

“We’re not disputing Al Gore was in the hotel room with this woman,” Wheat said. “The two people in that room were Mr. Gore and this woman. If a bellhop came in and saw something, that would be different.”

Of course the left will try and blame the right. Just like the right are to blame because the democrats voted for Alvin Greene.:rolleyes:

The only ‘smell’ is that of Al Gore’s lack of morals. Just like Clinton.

It doesn’t matter the politics…it’s the heart of man that has become so corrupted that stories like this have become commonplace.

Not quite rigiht - the Portland paper had the story 2 years ago but didn’t print it:

"In 2007 and 2008, after locating the massage therapist and conducting extensive interviews and doing other reporting on this case, the Tribune chose not to publish the story. The Tribune held back, in part, because the woman was reluctant to be named in the story.

Also, after those months of investigation, the Tribune was unable to state with confidence what actually happened in the hotel room on that night in 2006. Portland police did not investigate further at that time because the woman declined to meet with them or pursue charges.

In a Dec. 15, 2006, police report, the woman’s lawyer at the time claimed that Gore made “unwanted sexual contact” with her during a massage appointment. The lawyer also contacted Oregon State Police, and notes from that Dec. 15, 2006, conversation – obtained by the Tribune under Oregon public records law – show that the lawyer claimed that Gore attempted to “molest and rape” the woman."


This woman is not just coming forward now.

You are right, of course. The reason I posted this story is because Gore has held himself up as a model of morality in trying to “save the planet” while making hundreds of millions of dollars off of his lies. He does need our prayers, but maybe with this story, all the lies he has told about gobal warming and the ways in which he has tried to destroy our economy for his own enrichment will be stopped.

Bush’s fault.

Of course. Case closed.

No. Everything is Obama’s fault - that, too!

I wonder how many ‘massages’ Al got on our dime?:stuck_out_tongue:

There is less here than meets the eye.

I don’t know how many massages Mr. Gore got but I know he was out of public office when whatever happened happened.

I thought it happened two years ago. Was he not still VP then?

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