Portugal Clears the Way for Extradition of Ex-C.I.A. Agent to Italy



ROME — A former undercover C.I.A. agent will be handed over to Italy, where she was convicted of taking part in the 2003 kidnapping of an Egyptian cleric in one of the renditions ordered by the George W. Bush administration, after appellate courts in Portugal, where she lives, turned down her appeal this week.

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An intriguing story, I wasn’t aware of it when it was fresh.
The whole thing is a mess politically and for ‘rule of law’

I have sympathy for this agent being the only person punished, with Italian agents acquitted for their involvement.


I don’t know what will happen, but what can she really say? Her superiors ordered her to do it?


That excuse was tried at Nuremberg too…it doesnt work.


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