Portugese voting today on Abortion issue

Please pray hard for the people of Portugal who are voting today on whether to extend the present abortion laws.

The Feb. 11 referendum seeks to legalize abortions during the first 10 weeks of pregnancy. Current law allows women to end their pregnancy only in cases of rape or if there is a risk to the mother or the unborn child.

Maybe it is providence that chose the date. Nevertheless many Rosaries are required.

Our lady of Fatima said to the three children that the people of Portugal would not loose the faith. I believe in what our Lady said. Peace!

Just over 60% of those who turned out to vote, voted in favour of allowing abortion up to 10 weeks into the pregnancy. The Portugese Government will now pass it through Parliment.

To think that you could now have abortions underway within miles or metres of the shrine of Fatima disturbs me greatly.

The result was followed by a small earth tremor.

What a sad day. :frowning:


I agree, if what you say is true it is a sad day, satan is at work here. Let us pray for the Portugese people.


Read it here. alertnet.org/thenews/newsdesk/L12883275.htm

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