Portuguese kit?

Anyone know of a good Portuguese kit (that’s not too expensive so Rosetta Stone is out) that I can get my hands on? I’ve always wanted to learn it and my Spanish teacher, who is Portuguese, helps me with basic stuff, but she agrees that I need a good kit.

Web sites are good too.

I am not learning Portuguese, but this site might be of use:
It has several links near the bottom.

Good luck with your study!

As someone who’s started learning many languages, always to stop, I’ll tell you right now you need a goal. Get a book in Portugese, or watch one movie in Portugese over and over, aiming for the time that you can understand it. I’d recommend the book over the movie, but that’s just me. I’ve tried to learn French, German, Italian, Irish Gaelic, American Sign Language, and Biblical Hebrew. The only ones that I’ve stuck to for any reasonable amount of time have been French, ASL, and Biblical Hebrew. French and ASL because I took classes, and Biblical Hebrew because I have a goal of being able to read the OT in the original. Your goal is IMPORTANT, and “Being able to follow a conversation” won’t be enough of a goal.

As to resources, I’ve always like the _________ for Dummies because they explain everything very well, very basic and with a light tone. Some even have an audio CD.

Good Luck! I love languages.

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