Posing as another gender for career purposes


Throughout much of history, multiple jobs were gender restricted. This meant that no matter how intelligent or brave a woman was, she would never be allowed to persue a career as a doctor or a soldier.

Some women got around this by pretending to be men. Notable examples include Margaret Bulkley (who lived her life as James Barry so as to study medicine in Edinburgh), Dorothy Tipton (who lived as Billy Tipton so as to become a jazz musician), and Hannah Snell (who assumed the name and identity of her brother-in-law James Gray so as to serve in her nation’s army).

Now, is it considered sinful if a woman pretends to be a man so as to cirvumvent unfair hiring discrimination? Assuming of course that she does not internally identify as a man or have sex with a woman while posing as a man.


Yes, as a man who wants a full time contract at my workplace but am told they need more women, I can’t pose as a woman to get more hours.


:confused: It’s nearly 2016. How do you intend to hide your gender when applying for a job? Most all places require making a copy of a state or government-issued photo ID as part of the hiring process. Unless you are working as a nanny like Mrs Doubtfire, I don’t see how one would play this off in our era, in a first-world country.


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