Position of Gifts during Consecration


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Yesterday at Daily Mass at my home parish, the priest did not place the wine offered for Communion on the Corporal (that is, the cups for the faithful). I’m sure this is a silly question, but was this wine consecrated during Mass?

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Yes, presumably he still intended to consecrate it; thus even if outside the corporal but elsewhere on the altar where he was aware of them, it was consecrated.

At many of the public megamasses celebrated by Pope Benedict, ciboria of hosts are held during the consecration by the priests who are distributing Communion to the faithful.

Obviously, the Pope’s intention is to consecrate these hosts. So the principle would apply to extra chalices on the Altar, even if they are not on the corporal, wouldn’t you think?

All that is required is that the celebrant have the intent to consecrate them. For convenience he usually puts them all on the corporal and makes the intention to consecrate everything on the corporal. However, this is not required.


Thanks guys…I was sure it was still consecrated, but I wanted to ask to be sure.

There is always more to learn…

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