Positions of the church on Pope Alexander VI?

He had countless mistresses, and therefore committed countless mortal sins.
Has the Church issues a sort of “Damnatio memoriae” on him? Removing all relics, paintings, and works, of his cursed reign?

“Countless” is a nebulous term. He probably committed many, as we all do. Remember that no one after Jesus was sinless. He was a Pope that sinned, they all did and will continue to do, what point am I missing?

Sorry Joe, I am not familiar with this Pope. What was the part of his “cursed reign” that you are asking about? Do you have some primary source info on him I can read?

Hardly “countless”. And we are all sinners.

No. Nor does the Church call his reign a “cursed reign”. I don’t know where you get your information.

What makes you think there are any relics of him, or paintings, or works? And if he did write any works, why would his reputation require them to be thrown out? Shouldn’t one’s works be judged for their content as opposed to being judged on the character of the one who wrote them? Isn’t it logically fallacious to think that just because a person is a sinner that nothing good could come from them? If that were the case, we’d have to conclude that no book ever compiled was good because all the authors are sinners. There goes my entire book collection. I dare say that you’d have to toss out your Bible, because the people who told us which books were/were not God’s Inspired Word were all sinners. In fact, the men who wrote with ink on the parchment, those words that the Spirit guided them to write, they were also sinners and therefore we cannot trust that what they recorded is true…right??

But to directly answer the OP, I suppose the official position of the Church on him would be that he was a sinner, just like the rest of us…in need of God’s Mercy.

For Pope Alexander VI, Wikipedia stated: “His reputation rests more on his considerable skills as a diplomat, politician, and civil administrator rather than as a pastor, although regarding the latter he was no less effective than any of the other renaissance pontiffs.”

First, stop watching the HBO series “The Borgias.”

Second, he’s not a saint, if he didn’t repent of his mortal sins, he’s in Hell - that’s punishment enough.

Third, the Renaissance was a different time and place. One in which the Church needed skilled political leaders at the helm of Peter’s bark. Alexander, Julius II, Leo X might not have been saintly, but they preserved the Church through very difficult times and for that we can thank God.

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