Positive power of pets :)

I have had a lot of serious posts, so I thought I’d post on a lighter subject that gives me a lot of pleasure IRL - my pets. We have 3 adorable cats, all female. They love themselves and add drama to our (childless) household: For example, fighting it out for my spot on the sofa with Gabrielle. Sometimes she sits in my spot and I have to boot her out. I swear a couple times it looked like she stuck her tongue out at me.

I don’t know what we’d do without them. Occasionally Gabrielle sits on the laptop when I’m using it such as when I am browsing CAF. I don’t go to ebay so I’m not worried about ‘accidentally’ putting in a bid for a 50,000 antique car, or something like that. :slight_smile: I find having pets really raises my quality of life. They are not members of the family on a par with children but they are important in the household :wink:

When you don’t have kids around the house, the cats become the kids. I have three myself and never feel alone.

I have a dog, and have had dogs for the past twenty years. My little beagle alerts me to the presence of anyone he doesn’t think belongs on my property (sometimes this also means squirrels and rabbits,) keeps my feet warm at night when my husband is working, entertains me with his antics, is always sensitive to my feelings, ensures I get enough exercise, and gets me out into God’s beautiful world a few times a day. Studies have shown that particularly older people who reside by themselves are healthier and have a better outlook on life if they have a pet. What a wonderful gift from Our Lord, who provides us with these charming little companions!

Oh, and my dog has adopted a couple of Catholic disciplines. That’s probably because every year I take him to the St. Francis feast day Blessing of the Animals at my parish church:

He “says his prayers” by laying down and putting his forepaws over his nose, and closing his eyes.

And he even observes abstinence rules on Fridays: This is a cute little trick. To teach it, I put him in the “sit” position, and put a treat on the floor, gently holding him by the collar. I told him then, “Monty, that’s meat and it’s Friday. No meat on Friday.” I repeated the “no meat on Friday” sentence, and then gave the release command–“It’s Saturday, boy!” as I released my hold on his collar. He scooped up the treat. After doing this a few times a day for a couple of weeks, I no longer had to hold him by the collar.

When we had our parish priest over for Sunday dinner, he got a big kick out of our “Catholic” doggie!

I’m very grateful to God for Monty, as well as all the other pets who have shared my life.

I use to have cats but to be honest, as they got older they got boring. Whenever I think of getting another one, I remember cleaning the cat littler and the desire goes away :smiley:

Kids eventually learn to use the washroom by themselves. Cats don’t

Can anyone share ideas about a good appartment dog?


Great thread :thumbsup:

My cat makes me laugh, no matter how rubbish I’m feeling nor how difficult my day has been. She brings my blood pressure down every time she turns into a furry puddle of purr. I’ll be working my way up into a tempest and she coolly reminds me of how indifferent she is to my moods… she’s very humbling!

Pets rule :smiley:

3 loving cats. I love when they greet me at the door, I love when they purr when I brush or pet them. I love when they cuddle up next to my leg while Im drinking my coffee or watching EWTN. I love when they gently love paw at my face in the middle of the night as if to say. “I LOVE YOU Thanks for taking care of us”.

And I am grateful to God for blessing this world with all sorts of wonderful creatures to bless us.

LOL! And I thought my veteranarian using purple bandages during Lent was something - you’ve one-upped me!!!

Reminds me of this:


I’ve been readjusting to life without a dog since my cocker spaniel lost her battle with liver cancer last week.

Norseman82, I’m sorry about your Spaniel. I too lost my Beagle to cancer.

Definitely not a cat person! Eeek…
Man’s best friend all the way!

My Bichon agrees with me. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry to hear that. It’s a great picture you’ve included, though. I agree with other posters that there is just nothing like our cats to make me feel better.

Here is a picture of Gabrielle:


my favorite pet.

What a cutie! :slight_smile:

All of God’s creation is something to rejoice in, surely!

We have a cat and a dog. They are best friends, and it’s great to watch them play-fight and chase each other around the garden. Our doggie is still very young - about 5 months old, and he follows us everywhere, tolerates the kids’ rough handling hides my shoes.

The cat greets us when we arrive home from anywhere, and often gets into the lovely warm car. I have frequently had to stop the car to let the cat out before continuing on my journey. She is very tolerant of the kids as well. I think our pets are a great addition to the family. They are a good example of unconditional love.

We haven’t had any cats for a few years but I know I love my dogs, all the dogs we have including the ones that are not specifically mine. I know mine loves me, I call her all kinds of pet names (ironic I know), so last month I was away for a while and I asked my sister to be especially nice to her. When my sister met me at the airport she told me that my baby was sad and no amount of pet names and coaxing got much reaction from her (she usually get really excited) because she knew it wasn’t me talking to her but when I got home she was so ecstatic and happy.

Generally smaller dogs make great apartment dogs. I had a toy poodle (about 7 pounds) and she was a great apartment dog.

I would highly recommend finding a local rescue in your area. Generally they have animals in foster homes and you could get a real good idea of a particular dog’s temperment. Generally I would say stay away from high energy dogs (unless you’re prepared to give them lots of exercise) because they’ll get bored and generally that means destructive. Most apartments have a weight limit so check with your apartment’s pet regulations because that will limit a lot of pets you can look at. Once you think you’ve decided on a breed or breed mix, I would do research into each breed (if it’s a mix) to determine if their personality lends itself to being an apartment animal.

Hope that helps!!!

I have had animals since I was in college – I mean ones that were mine and not a family pet. I think my life would be so lonely without them. Since I’m single and have no kids, I have my pets to talk to when I get home from work and I have another living creature that depends on me so I feel needed on a daily basis.

I currently only have a dog – the one in my signature photo. I’ve had a toy poodle and two cats. While I will never have cats again (I hate everything that goes along with them i.e., the litter and cat hair) I loved my cats dearly!!

With all of my animals, unfortunately, I’ve had to make the decision to euthanize them because of health reasons, and it broke my heart every time. But I always was so thankful to God for the blessings that they brought me.

Some large dogs are good for apartments because they’re low energy. Off-track greyhounds are good apartment dogs and good first dogs because (1) they only really exercise outdoors and they love to chill and hang out the rest of the day, (2) the rescue groups that retrain them make sure that they’re house trained and know their basic commands, (3) pretty short hair as far as shedding goes!

My Richard, aged 10 last Friday, when he passed away, would make us recall that creation praises God with its very existence. He brought a lot of warmth and unconditional affection to our family, he loved us in such a way an animal can (which his eyes would say), he grew to depend on us but also was interested in what was going on with us. As much as he didn’t particularly enjoy petting, he wouldn’t remain outside our company for long, wanting to be where the humans were. He was such a good, caring, unproblematic animal, well deserving of anything he could possibly get from us, grateful and always optimistic. Always enjoying life, always knowing to stop and smell the roses and enjoy the simple things. I wish every family could have such a pet and I dare say the world would be a better place then. :slight_smile: I will keep him in memory as long as I live on this earth.

I’m sorry, Norseman. As you have read above, my Richard also passed away last week.

I just can’t imagine my home being without my “extended family”. I have three german shepherd dogs, and a collie. They’re good with my mom, and they’re wonderful when we have children visit. If I ever do have a child in the future, he or she will not grow up without a pet to love and care for. And I never thought I’d love … a cow… but I love my family milk cow…and I never knew what a cow-kiss or a cow-hug was either. We have some nubian goats that weren’t supposed to be pets…but I’d have a hard time parting with them at this point. I believe animals in one’s life is special. It would be a nightmare for me to have to give them up…I’d at the very least have to keep my dogs and my milk cow.

Great danes are good for an apartment because they’re laid back and a bit lazy :wink: But any dog will be happy wherever you are if you give them the attention and the exercise they need. I’ve always had one german shepherd dog in a small apartment (till we moved out to the country and decided we wanted more) and he got a lot of attention, a small backyard and lots of walks. Plus some cities have dog parks.

My condolences to those who have recently lost pets :frowning: It is so hard, they become very comforting fixtures and bright personalities to have around.

Personally, I am a fan of dogs moreso than cats. I had a nasty experience while working as a vet tech when a cat bit my finger and scraped my bone - had to get IV antibiotics! Lol. An angry cat frightens me far more than an angry dog, although I have been bitten by dogs before. I tolerate my husband’s beloved cats, and sometimes I really like them… until one pees on my purse or swats at my drawstring, leaving nasty scratches on my thighs. One of the cats is pretty awesome, though, she acts more like a dog.

Our dogs are very patient with my 22 month old, they are amazing. Beowulf is a boxer/mastiff mix, and has the most placid disposition. He’s very cuddly and loves to put his head in your lap. Dolly is a border collie mix, and she is a neurotic little mess, but I still love her! She keeps me fit, we go jogging several times a week. God has blessed me with wonderful companions, they are so good for the soul. Pets teach us patience, responsibility, compassion, and so many other wonderful things… Great thread :thumbsup:

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