Positive Results From Hydroxychloroquine Study

Which press? some might argue the role of the mainstream [sic leftwing] is to check the honesty of President Trump, and others might argue the role of the rightwing press is to look the other way.

Hopefully its somewhere in the middle…but I don’t we’ll see that in the next 118 days…Tick Tock!

And of course this is not inflammatory…118 days…tick tock

Very brave words when it’s not your life on the line.

Probably not (and hopefully by the grace of God)…but the live’s of the vulnerable are, and not just the political life of a candidate who is a denier. 118 days will tell what America thinks…Tick Tock!

As I said, the conclusions are such that the mortality rate is reduced but PROSPECTIVE TRIALS ARE NEEDED TO EXAMINE THIS IMPACT.

How old are you? Seriously?

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Old enough to vote…that’s all that really counts right now…118 days…Tick Tock!

Then it’s a question of maturity.


Yes it is a question of maturity, and not a question of chronology, which makes your question “How old are you”, irrelevant. Wisdom does not always come with age…there are plenty of unwise (and immature, for that matter) older people.

Mine was more a statement of fact as in you’re being immature.

Depends on how you look at it, I guess…“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts”, I think is an applicable quote made by a wise man.

dscath . . .

There is no credible medical or scientific evidence . . .

There is lots of “credible evidence”.

What there is NOT yet is a double-blinded prospective study that is reproducible. Yet.

Those are in the works.

I agree with your assessment, making this story truly is much to do about nothing…thanks for the clarification.

No. It is not much ado about nothing.

It is about off-label use that is life-saving when used correctly or not.

There are many drugs used via off label use for benefit.

Studies will never be done as there is no financial incentive. But since these off label uses are not politicized, virtually nobody is concerned.

With the Wuhan Corona Virus it is different.
The concern here is a broad-based public health issue driving these many studies.

Studies that passed human studies committees for approval by the way.

You can’t do a randomized, prospective, double-blind study on humans with drugs, unless you get approval first. Approval from a human studies committee.

You cannot get approval from a human studies committee without preliminary evidence.

Preliminary evidence includes physiologic mechanisms purported and clinical data if available.
(Sometimes incidental clinical data. i.e. in this case if lupus HCQ-treated patients seemed to do much better, this data theoretically might be taken into consideration).

Oh, I think a collapsing economy is a pretty large financial incentive.

The financial incentive had to do with new drug exploration of uses, rather than old drug usage.

Please go back and re-read the thread.

There is a large financial incentive to get the economy going again, so you cannot use that as an excuse for why HCQ testing isn’t happening.

Please RE-read the thread. HCQ testing IS happening.

And I have already talked about it right here.

Yes, there are some studies going on, but they seem to lack the necessary scientific rigor. I hope that we get better studies completed soon.

Thbolt judging the scientific rigor of studies in progress . . . .

but they seem to lack the necessary scientific rigor.

Thbolt. Please explain to me the three purposed physiologic mechanisms of the theoretical advantage of HCQ in the presence of Corona Virus?

Then we can assess how that applies to the studies in progress.

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