Positive thread: The Joys of Marriage, please add on!


I am in a serious relationship right now that I pray will someday result in marriage; because of this I’ve been reading a lot about the sacrament, and I’m VERY aware of how difficult it can be at times.

BUT I thought, for a change, it would be nice to hear all of the wonderful things people have found that comes with being married. So if all of you married folks out there wouldn’t mind sharing, I, and I’m sure others as well, would love to hear it!


I think that one of my favorite parts of being married (almost 7 months now ;)) is the time that you get to spend with your best friend. I mean, sure before being married you spend time together, but it's totally different. Even if you're just sitting next to each other and you're doing your own thing like reading separate books or on your computers or whatever, it's just amazing to have that presence of the person you trust more than anyone else in the world.

I also think that praying together is amazing. We say LOTH together and say the Rosary together every day, plus prayers at meals. It's wonderful to share that experience. :D


Coming home after a long tiring day at work and finding the TV already turned on to my favourite show, and him getting me caught up on the story so far. :)

Sneaking around on the day before our anniversary to find him his favourite chocolates to leave at his breakfast place first thing in the morning, without him finding out beforehand. :)

Knowing that no matter what, he'll always be there for me. :)


This is coming from a VERY LUCKY MAN, that has had the blessing of being married to the same WONDERFUL WOMAN for neraly twenty-one years.

I fully recognize my own faults and short comings, but my Dear Loving Wife does not.

I am completely aware that I fail as often as I succeed, but my Dear Loving Wife is not.

I understand that my weaknesses often out weigh my strengths, but my Dear Loving Wife does not.

I believe that my wife married far below herself, but of course my Dear Loving Wife does not.

She loves me for who and what I am, good and bad. She is often blind to the bad and sees more good in me then I myself ever do. I know that I do not deserve her, anymore then I deserve the salvation of the Cross, But I Thank God that He has Granted me these, and so many more blessings in my life.

I honestly believe without the love of a good woman most men achieve little more then fulfilling their most base animal desires. I know that this would have been true for me, if not for my Dear Loving Wife!




One of the beauties of marriage for me is if there is a problem or an area that needs work you have plenty of time to let it unfold naturally and the answer to come in its own (God's!) time. You are not going anywhere, you have a commitment to each other and often just the daily drip, drip, drip of love and togetherness smoothes over the bumps in the road. Nothing is perfect but "All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well." St. Julian of Norwich.


I'm not married, but it's about time someone did a thread like this!

Rock on, married people! Positivity rules.


The companionship, the unwavering support, having a best friend that I also get to live with. Having someone to share my life with and to know that I am loved and love in return. But there is much more involved in having a happy marriage and I feel blessed to be married to such a great woman. Even after these years (16) to fall asleep curled up next to my wife, feeling her warmth. We can argue over little things, inconsequential things, but we trust each other to be there.


Kids are a cool part of being married. A lot of work, but cool.


"I am in a serious relationship right now" - the phrase serious relationship has always amused me, because of course it is anything but. When you are giddy with happiness, the word "silly" seems to me more descriptive than "serious."

After 19 years, the joys of marriage for me are all the little things that, taken separately, may not seem so much, but together they fill the years with happiness and quiet satisfaction.

For my wife and I, marriage has not been difficult, but rather a strength that has helped us endure the difficulties that life inevitably places in our paths.


My husband is just… my ROCK… he really helps ground me in so many ways…
It’s like I’m a balloon that would just float off and get lost in the world if he weren’t holding me down… sometimes it’s not comfortable to be held down to the ground (it would be REALLY COOL to sail up high and see things differently), but I know it’s because he LOVES me.

Whoa… :eek: totally crazy imagery there… it just came to me, LOL! :stuck_out_tongue:


Being married to my best friend.

The secret jokes and language you develop with your spouse…like if you’re in a crowd of people and you can just look over at your spouse and automatically just know what they’re thinking.

The sex

The adventures you’ve shared together, the good and the bad…like going to Disney World and your daughter meeting all the princesses when she’s into that phase OR when your hot water tank suddenly blows a leak in the middel of the night and the basement is filling up with water and your desperately trying to save the Christmas decorations.

Did I mention the sex?

And having kids together, that you can see your spouse in this wonderful miracle you created together but at the same time watching that gift become their own person. Nothing like it.


I feel totally loved when my husband places his hand on the small of my back, my hip, or especially, the side of my pregnant belly.

It's the most heartwarming thing ever to watch him holding, comforting, and playing with our children.

He's my best friend, and it's awesome to share such a strong emotional, physical, sexual, and spiritual intimacy with him.

We enjoy spending time together, knowing there's always someone we can count on.

It's so sweet when he thinks of me and the kiddos on his way home, and randomly decides to bring us some ice cream.

He cooks. Very well. Who doesn't love a man who cooks?

Despite working all day, Monday through Friday, I still have to tell him every once in awhile, "Honey, NO!! Let me do the laundry! Let me do the floors! Don't help me; I feel guilty when you help, because you do your 'work' outside the home." And he replies with, "But I feel guilty watching you do the housework by yourself."

We call each other, "Honey," no first names at all. :heart:

I am so blessed.


I love the late nights when we just sit together in bed and act silly. :p

It's true, the best part of being married is having the best friend there with you all of the time. I love the planning, the games, the silliness, the sex, the love, the cooperation, the security... I love my husband! I love being married! :D


DH & I have been married almost 13 yrs. this October. The best part of being married to him is that he is the spiritual head of our household and extremely strong in his faith. He makes me want to become a better person every day. He’s been there for me whenever my Crohn’s is flaring up and after I had my stroke 5 yrs. ago, he made sure I had everything I needed to make a full recovery from a new shower seat to a sleeping wedge & taking me to my appts. and physical therapy to regain my strength.

He bought me a digital camera to encourage me to start a new hobby (best thing EVER), updated our internet connection so I could chat w/my buddies online, he cld me 3x a day to make sure I was ok & if I needed anything, he’s still protective about me driving since my stroke (won’t let me drive in rainy/snowy weather–he does it if I have an MD appt), and he loves to cook healthy meals and garden. He’s the most kindest person you’d ever want to meet. He’d give you the shirt off of his back if you needed it.

I am truly blessed to have married him b/c his entire family is the same way. His parents have raised their sons and daughters to be strong in their faith, hard workers, respect others, and responsible adults in society. :):slight_smile:


I love being married!

My wife is my best friend and has stuck with me through good times and bad (and they’re plenty bad right now).

Our first year as husband and wife was tough–just for beginners, my dog died while we were on our honeymoon, and a week later I had a knee injury that put me in wheelchair for four months–but we know that we can see anything through.

We’ve known each other for 30 years (married for 13), and I still think she’s the most adorable creature on earth.

There is simply no greater joy on earth than to be happily married.



Sooo fun reading this thread!

We’ve been married about four months now, and it’s really the best! I love spending every day with my best friend, and I don’t care how cheesy that sounds.

Sharing life together, good or bad, is such a blessing. We both had the flu on our honeymoon (not exactly the week of passion we had anticipated), but we were together! A week later, we used some wedding money to buy a set of nightstands, went home, and found out they were too large to fit on either side of our bed, in our tiny bedroom. We huffed and puffed, scraped and filed, damaged walls and furniture (“They’re going to fit, darn it!”), only to collapse in a heap laughing at the stupidity of it all, and realizing we were just going to have to orient them to face the bed, instead of facing out. It’s silly, frustrating experiences like that that are so good for bonding!

Having someone to share a bed with, cuddle with during cold nights, scrub my back in the shower, cook dinner for, be silly with… it’s the most amazing blessing. I am more myself with my husband that I have ever been, and it’s so refreshing. He loves me so darn much, and I know it every time he just looks at me. It’s the best feeling! He’s also much kinder than my mirror, and really boosts my self esteem, which helps so much.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not always peaches and cream, but seriously, making up, and everything that entails, can’t be beat! :slight_smile:

My husband pushes me to be a better version of myself. He brings out the best in me. What a precious gift! I love him so much, and I am sooooo happy to be married to him!


I remember thinking, early on, that it was just like one endless sleepover. Did you ever have a best friend growing up ... and they would sleep over ... and when it came time to go, it was the most awful thing and you wished they were part of your family so that they could stay forever? I know I did ... and marriage is getting that wish, getting to make your best friend part of your family.

I love lying in bed at night, talking for hours. I love doing things together -- making a "date" of grocery shopping or errands. I love the fact that every conversation we have is just a continuation of the last one ... that we're always in contact.

You caught me at a perfect time to talk about how great it is to be married, because my husband is working 3 hours away during the week just now, and only coming home on the weekends. :P Boy, does it ever bring home to me how much nicer it is to be together all the time!


I have spent ten years with my wife. And it has been such a joy it seems like an instant.
She has given me two of the most handsome young men. Seriously my wife makes some beautiful kids… in spite of my my genes.
I have never known a more loving person in my life. She helps everyone she can. She allows me to have a job that (takes allot of my time) and she accepts it. Because I am fortunate enough to have a ‘job’ that is a passion not a curse.
Absolutely the most beautiful person I have ever known. I am honored to call her my wife and priveledged to call her my best friend.


What a great thread. My wife and I have been married for almost 2 1/2 years now. But, there ceremony was a civil ceremony for a number of reasons I detail here: (immigration/ annulments): (warning DON'T DO AS WE HAVE DONE!)


We are now at the stage of preparing for a convalidation. This has given us pause to consider the beautiful thing that is marriage. We can hardly wait until we can stand together in Church and re-affirm our love and have the Holy Spirit fil lour hearts.

My wife is my best friend. She accepts me as I am, but that's not to say that I walk all over her to be me. Rather we have developed this give and take in 30 months or so.

She laughs at my jokes and I at hers. We cry together at great old movies. She's the Yoko to my John, the Bacall to my Bogart. In a sense, she's the female me.

I get the biggest kick out of surprising her with gifts. I love showering her with kisses and roses.

We're both moody and grouchy at times. We have our moments of disagreement and when we do I feel as if a part of my heart has been hit with a baseball bat.

Her smile restores all light to my life. She is the only thing material in my life that matters.

As we prepare for convalidation and we have been able to look at our marriage and see how it all fits.

But the biggest thing -- and I learned this through Father Larry Richards -- for evil to get to her, its going to have to get around me first!

God bless



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