Positive views on Harry Potter

I’m trying to convince someone that Harry Potter has gotten a bad reputation. Are there any web articles that I can point to as evidence?

What are you asking for, studies that indicate that Harry Potter draws children toward Christ?

I don’t think that was the original posters intent. Merely to show that the book is not some gateway to the occult as is often maintained.

Actually, both views would work.

Wand past the sorcery & occult incantations then, as some spiritually bored tweens and teenagers do. Then, sit and wait for their sexually active and spiritually confused young adult years.

How stupid do you think people are that, to you, they all of them seem to draw their spiritual values from fiction and not from fact? :rolleyes: I’ve read Harry Potter. Read fantasy comics. I even have a die-hard preference for any offensive spellcasting class in every online role-playing game I have ever signed up for.

Yet look at me now, a conservative Catholic who riles up all the liberals in his surroundings. :rolleyes:

Where is the logical link between the HP and teenage sexual activity… And please don’t give something like the search results showing wicca and Harry Potter appearing in the same text as you did on a previous memorable occasion when challenged as to connections betwene those two subjects.

You’re plainly showing you actually haven’t read the books as Harry actually restrains himself sexually at points when he could easily act in an irresponsible manner.

Actually, HP is probably one of the only teenage aimed books that doesn’t have any sex it in whatsoever. The only place you can actually infer that sex happened is when Tonks gets pregnant (and that’s basically all the book says. It’s something like, “Lupin says ‘Tonks is pregnant’”).

Yep. There’s so much sex in HP. :rolleyes:

And Tonks makes all the running the relationship between her and Lupin to be honest, which of course culiminates in a happy marriage which is tragically cut short. He keeps trying to shy away from her as he is much older than she is as I recall and is worried about the fact of him been a werewolf passing down to children genetically and casting a sigma on a girlfriend or wife.

Harry at no point has pre-marital sex with anyone in the books it should be noted.

Funny enough I originally started reading this thread while using the internet via a PS3 and playing Dragon Origins, which is a RPG which far more blood and sex than any HP book or movie. Although it is (in theory) an 18 plus only product. I’d be far happier to see kids with HP instead of that. I’d probably take the RPG away from any but the most mature teenagers under 18. Harry I’d feel far more safe leaving in their hands.

Finding God in Harry Potter by John Granger is a neat book that talks about the positive aspects of the series.

There are many reasonable people on moth sides of the the HP debate, i wanted to share some who have great concerns over HP and Twilight. I think It’s always good to look at both sides. I would like to share these links. I don’t want to be a “downer” I just wasn’t sure if you had heard any of these comments about HP and Twilight


Michael D. O’Brien-Harry Potter and the Paganization of Culture-Introduction by Bishop Julian Porteous, Sydney, Australia ,Published by Fides et Traditio Publishers

Cardinal Ratzinger Opposes Harry Potter Novels


Fr Thomas Euteneuer


I wouldn’t put so much stock in O’Brien after I’ve seen someone do a critique of him here on these very forums. :stuck_out_tongue: (God I’ve gotta find a way to link this post more often)

Sorry but when it comes literary theory and fiction, I would not consider LifeSiteNews a credible source. Nor do I buy into the hype over Ratzinger’s letter (which he wrote before he even became Pope). Jharek, I hope you don’t mind but could you find what Jimmy Akin had to say about it again? What was it called… Pre-16 on Harry Potter?

The lifesite news one has been discussed her ad nauseam and showing to be rather a distorted view of actual events.

Here you go:-


Lifesite news as I’ve said before supports a worth cause but some of it’s reporting leaves a lot to be desired and I’ve come to regard it with a great deal of suspicion as a website.

And for that matter–it seems to be restricted to married sex (I’d have to re-scan the pages, but I’m fairly certain that Tonks & Lupin had married before she became pregnant) with a pretty strong sex=babies linkage. Yes, there is kissing and a lot of interest in the opposite sex, but as far as actual sexual activity you have to go delve into the fanfic morass.

And as far as the “being fair and balanced” by bringing in the links to the negative articles … my problem with those articles is that they tend to use fallacies like appealing to an authority (when the authority is speaking outside his area of expertise), straw man arguments, etc. as well as outright factual errors (one such attributed a speech of Voldemort’s to Harry and used the erroneous attribution as a reason to condemn the novel). Worse yet, those who cling to these negative critiques do not care about the basis in fallacy and falsehood.

Instead, one can carry away from a reading of the novels a message that doing what is right may be neither easy nor popular (and may in the end prove quite dangerous). But as Edmund Burke once wrote, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” In Harry Potter, those good men certainly do have their flaws and foibles, but they do not quit standing up to oppose evil.

… I’m new to the forums, didn’t know this was discussed so much and I don’t want to hijack y’alls particular thread so I’ll leave it be.


Exorcist pestocist, Evanesco Papal squeak, duro Potter Harry lovers here.

While it isn’t an article, SQPN’s Secrets of Harry Potter (available on itunes) does have a lot to say in favor of the books, their symbolism and their themes. One thing that comes up in nearly every episode is the importance of love as a theme on the books. This is the focus of an entire episode (Valentine’s day 2007). As far as anything “official” is concerned, episode three is a Vatican radio broadcast about HP. The '07 Christmas episode might also be good to listen to, considering the season. These are the best recommendations I can think of off the top of my head, but they are by no means the only ones that support this viewpoint. The format of the episodes has changed a lot over the years, but everyone has found something positive to say about the chapter or subject matter being examined.

Marvellous spell - what is is actually supposed to do? It’s not about loving Harry Potter it’s about countering ludicrous claims. If you make claims about reading the book producing the effects you cited on the first page of the thread it might make sense to have actually read it so you could produce some textual evidence to back that up.

As it is I think the book is a typical example of the hero’s journey that is part of all storytelling. I don’t think it’s a particularly great series myself, although at times the writings does manage to rise above the average. Unfortunately Rowling’s penchant for a kind of ‘jolly hockey sticks’ type enviroment grates with me at times. But that’s a matter of taste rather than morality.

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