Positive views on Harry Potter

Sheesh, the OP asks for positive and everyone trots out the same four negative articles we’ve seen dozens of time already. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

As someone else mentioned, John Granger has written several books about the compatibility of HP and Christianity. He also maintains the website HogwartsProfessor.com which no doubt has loads of articles that would fit the bill of what you’re looking for. Note, Granger is Christian, but not Catholic.

OSV has a book The Mystery of Harry Potter by Nancy Carpentier Brown, which is great for a positive, specifically Catholic point of view. I’ve read that one and I thought it was really well done. She doesn’t approach the book as some sort of glossy-eyed fangirl, but rather she takes an honest look at the series’ strengths and weaknesses from our faith perspective. It’s a great resource.


Just a note, this article does not address the OP’s request for positive views of Harry Potter. This is just another negative link.

I just love the way that C.S. Lewis is quoted in there. A man whose character’s in his fiction routinely used magic, including characters who were both moral and immoral.

I thought he amended that by saying he was interested in both views.

I’m in the anti-Potter camp. :thumbsup:


I could be mistaken, but I think the “both views” that the OP was interested in were:

In other words, he was interested in material that either articulated the positive aspects of HP or defended against the negative accusations made by HP critics. That was how I interpreted the request anyway.

I hope that the OP will clarify.



2000? So this was written right around when the 4th book came out, which was around the start of Potter-mainia if I remember right. So that would make this article one of those crazy reactionary articles.

In the very beginning of the first two episodes, Rowling’s heavy- handed and sophomoric treatment of Harry’s aunt, uncle and cousin disturbed me. These relatives, who become Harry’s adoptive family af- ter the murder of his parents, are narcissistic and vulgar, with no re- deeming characteristics whatsoever. In one repulsive scene, Cousin Dud- ley belches at the breakfast table, while his fat buttocks hang over the sides of the chair. Meanwhile, with a bit of food clinging to his face, Uncle Vernon sputters forth with his customary rage. Call it a matter of taste, but these antics evoke no laughter from me. Rowling’s sneers at a grasping middle-class family cannot hold a candle to the satire of Mark Twain, Charles Dickens or Jane Austen.

Apparently the author unfortunately lacks a sense of humour, because I’m pretty sure we all found that funny. As for it being an attack on middle class families, that’s not even grasping at straws, that’s just making stuff up in order to support your theory (again we see a person with no grasp of science. Facts support theory, you don’t first make a theory and then invent facts to support it). This is page 2 of the newsletter, and we’ve already abandoned logic altogether in favour of fear mongering and FUDD (which is Fear Uncertainty Doubt and Disinformation for those who don’t know).

Mickey, we get it. You don’t like HP. People can like HP and be good Catholics. We’ve discussed this like a dozen times. You can find all the opinions of people you like, but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re all opinions, not facts. This isn’t Wikipedia where we do facts by consensus.

I guess you could say I’m not in the fan club. :smiley:

That is not for me to judge.

No. You’re in the time-wasting anti-reason/anti-logic camp (as previously demonstrated in the last thread you discussed in). :rolleyes:

That’s why I’m telling you now before you repeat the same mistake. :thumbsup:

Let me repeat myself, since some negative articles have been posted: I want stuff that says it’s ok to read Harry Potter and why. I don’t want it being attacked. I want to assure the person I’m talking to that she won’t be led astray and that they are not going to make her want to practice witchcraft. Now, can you help me there? Thanks.:mad:

My apologies. I misunderstood.

Which translates to as ‘In my opinion you can’t.’ And indeed since you are no longer a Catholic it is not for you to judge. Not that it would be even if you remained Catholic.

You can point out to here if you want that Rowling herself scoffs openly at the notion of witchcraft having any real power in our everyday world and is quite sceptical about a lot of what is practised and called witchcraft.

Also, I would stress to her why would they want to make her practise witchcraf if such is not her own desire? She is not a sponge who must sock up via osmosis some taint of the occult that supposedly clings to HP.


Either give the person who created this thread what they actually requested, or leave the thread and continue your spat elsewhere.

Really now. There are far too many Harry Potter threads here, so why don’t you guys go to one of those threads.

Anyway, OP:
I used to listen to a rather nice pro-Potter podcast, that made a lot of good points, although I can’t recall the name of it.
Good luck on your search.


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