Possession ocd fear


Please help me Im afraid of possession. I dont want it! But thoughts are horrible and say other way. I want to be free!
It is scaring me because yesterday I had one thought that terrified me and the worst was when in compulsion I said something that I wouldnt ever said. It was automatic, I didnt think of it, it wasnt my fault, I immidiately got scared and moved on my bed.
I am free, I can pray on rosary, I went to church today and felt good so Im free.


A medical issue, not religious. Please seek the best medical care. I will pray for you.


You have OCD. You should not be posting here. It is a compulsive habit and will hurt you in the long run. Please get help.


OCD/scrupulous alert; do not engage outside of the advice already given.


But please it is scaring me and cause mental exhaustion


You need a therapist/psychologist to treat your OCD, anxiety, compulsions, etc., and a priest for spiritual direction who is trained to help with cases like your-- scruples and OCD.

We cannot help you here. GET PROFESSIONAL HELP.


You need help from a mental health professional. WE cannot help you.



It literally destroys you from within.

Please, no one further answer him.

You have our prayers in your struggle with this disorder.



That’s why you need a therapist.


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