I’m actually really proud of the Catholic Church because of these policies. It has millenia of experience, and when it develops a policy, there’s generally a very good reason for it.

I am a former protestant (baptist) going through RCIA right now. Unfortunately, I have some experience with this. When dealing with the supernatural, specifically demons, it can be difficult for even believers to believe these occurrences are actually happening (assuming they are). After all, these things are so outside of what, and how, we normally are used to perceiving reality. Remember, the Father in heaven spoke to Jesus for everyone to hear, and half the people did not believe what they heard, and instead chose to believe it must have been thunder.
First of all, you are in the right church if you are looking for help (the Catholic Church). Second, if I were you, I would try and find a priest who is open to objectively looking at the evidence, at which, I would expect to have to show evidence. The priest will have to consider all possibilities, a good one at least.
Thirdly, Pray the Rosary often. Pray pray pray.
Demons truly are horrific and I feel for anyone afflicted with such suffering. I am curious, how did you become possessed? Do you remember? I am curious as to what about you attracted this demon to you. When is he most active? When is he most quiet?

Of course, I am answering you assuming what you are saying is true. Anyone who must decide on any such matters in official capacity must approach these occasions with much objectivity, as the truth is the only thing that will help any of us.

You must also be objective and consider the possibility you are not possessed.

Listen, I don’t tell this to everybody, but I have mental illness in my family, too. One relative of mine was institutionalized, long time ago. It’s so long ago, and they weren’t like today with diagnoses, etc.

Anyway, a sister of mine had a nervous breakdown, not speaking to any of us.

Depression, even, tends to run in families, sad at that also is.

I would have thought I was crazy also…but let me tell you this other story other then the one Christian gasping the name of Jesus shaking in fear bowing before the demon silenced as she could not say the name of Jesus. I was in a Pentecostal church and a Catholic priest was visiting it. As he was preaching and he was doing a good job, our eyes met and fear went through him like crazy, and he was studering and looking back and forth at me with what the heck was that in his face??The demon ruined his service for the rest of the service he was shaking in fear and staggering around and shaking. I have seen 4 pastors shake from head to toe in utter fear. One I have other then the woman bowing really sticks out when he came against it other then the priest just quivering in fear. I am just standing there, now I was thrown to the ground and maybe it is the first time to ever see a demon come out of someone and they get their eyes to see and it is no longer just faith but sight and they are scared to actually believe there is a God…and demons, or the demon just scares them???

If a psychologist diagnosed you as having schizophrenia, do you understand what that really means? It means you can experience hallucinations, paranoia…etc.

What about your relative with schizophrenia? What happened to him/her?

I’m going to have to head out. I’m a little tired. Where I am now, it’s getting a little late…or early…depending on how you look at it! :wink:

Do you know what adoration is? You might give that a try.

biggybig: I became possessed when I smoked marijuana and hash. I was very lonely and a gay spirit entered in. I was unto God I do not want to be gay, and I had a gay rape dream. Nothing real, but I had to surrender to the spirit. After the dream or whatever it was, I was fully gay. I called unto God I do not want to be gay, and it left but trapped me with a Bi nature. So I was heterosexual before this instance, felt the whole gay spirit, then I was left bi. COMPLETELY WRECKED MY LIFE… The same day in such a awful state of mind. I heard a voice say negativity to me. My heart said to say I love you but I hate you unto me. I assumed it was God and I still do today, and in wonder??? but as I said I hate you to him in love I felt his spirit enter in, and breath in me as he lifted my head from the pillow and with a loud voice said I AM HEAR shaking me from head to toe as he spoke. I went to church the next day and the pastor looked at me and cowered his face and fell to the ground cowering like a child saying I can not look at the face of God. I was like what is the matter? He stood up and hugged and said God has great purpose for you.

NOW I am not sure about that one, as this demon seems to not be able to hurt me, other then with suffering and emotions and hate and rage and fear and fear and rage and of course so much sexual **** it is crazy. In my walk I have come to know of 2 demons. One a spirit of lust, what ever his name is. One a spirit of rage, and in that spirit he has the personality’s of lies, fear and doubt and pride but his rage my eyes are always sore and the fear…some days it is really hard.

Sense God says the 2 spirits can not live together I wonder if that is the reason for all the trouble in church as I worship God and get the demon screaming and can not hide…or it is all demons and the voice that said I AM HEAR is just another demon entering in. BUT the pastor the next day shouting I can not look at the face of God has me puzzled.

Before I became possessed I was not a christian, I was but I was like Peter and would denie him, even to Christians…I have never had the holy ghost other then that I AM experience. I am waiting for the holy ghost. I have been seeking the face of God to be holy for a very long time. To know his will and his purpose. I have offered all I am unto God. The Christians do not just cast me out of church because of this demon, even though it is the reason. They say no one can be holy as God and righteous and that is why they are cowering in fear and have no power over the demon and the demon is so strong and mighty and my faith says all things are possible for the holy spirit which I wait for. The Catholic Priest when I saw him one on one said my desire to be holy is the reason the demon can not hide and I screamed on him. The Catholics are the only church to not call me demon, because of my desire to be AS HOLY AS GOD AND RIGHTEOUS and how I have come a long time by prayers to know Isaiah 55:8-9 which this world does not know and I have a demon that will not let go and stands up to you all, and looks at you all as his servants. So now you have my story. Will you call me demon also for wanting to know the face of God and be called holy as him and righteous and to walk without sin in a single mind with God?or is it impossible for you all and your holy ghost and Jesus needed to die for you all and you have to have a sin nature and sin and sin and sin and sin. Protestants call me evil for my desire to be holy as God and the demon will not leave for they say it has rights and no one can be holy as God and righteous for God loves it only he is good and holy.

I can only give you my prayer and testimony.
I joined the Catholic Church because, in my research, I found that it is the true church. In going through RCIA, the process in becoming Catholic, I received so much more than I ever expected. God poured out his many graces on me and I felt him moving mountains inside my heart. I felt the holy spirit. It was and is a powerful experience. Peace, I now have it. I used to struggle immensely with sin, but no more. I have not sinned so little in my entire life. It has been such a blessing, a true miracle in my life. Through Christ, anything is truly possible. Left to my own abilities, I faltered constantly, through Christ, I am strong. I want this for you. I am asking you to become Catholic. That will be a fatal blow to any demons in your life.

I am going to bed, but before I can become catholic I have to know you can come against a demonic spirit first. Jesus casted out demons from people who were not Catholic so to speak. I will see if your priests runs in fear, or the demon screams the name of the Lord.

I do really like your church for you do not call me a servant of this demon, for I desire to be holy as God and righteous and of course it lets your church have its peace as I think it is afraid of it and does not show, other then the wrecking ball other churches and one one one with the priest. BUT not the temple worship part or his holy court.

Praying to Jesus through His mother for peace and freedom in your soul, mind, and body. Praying for your protection, and that He leads you to a competent person to eliminate these occurances.

Hail Mary,
Full of grace,
The Lord is with Thee.
Blessed art Thou amoungst women,
And blessed is the fruit of Thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary,
Mother of God,
Pray for us sinners,
Now and at the hour of death,

Wow, and I thought I had it rough. I would pray for you if I wasn’t in mortal sin. I really hope you’ll meet that one person that can help you :stretcher:

Also, I’m sure you will find the person you’re looking for in the Catholic Church. Don’t give up on us!

Praying that the Lord may guide you in finding help and that He may free you from your suffering. Also praying for all necessary graces for you.

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen

Praying for you. Please seek professional help. God bless you.

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee.

Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death.


Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread.

And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.


As to demons, can the Catholic Church do exorcisms? Yes. A priest can do that, but I am pretty sure that you will also need to be in psychological treatment before one is attempted. We are unlike some other churches which will automatically assume, on face value, that this is possession.

As I say, there have been cases like this where it is possession. There have been cases where it is not. So, in its wisdom, the Catholic Church, I think pretty much would ask you to seek counseling, in addition. That’s how it would probably handle your case, or pretty much any case, I think.

At the very least, it would need to rule out mental illnesses. If you are in treatment and still having these things happening, I think they would consider helping you.

However, there is a danger, with such things that an exorcism could do more damage, if it’s not possession. Well it would reinforce it. Do you see how?

So, this is why you must seek professional treatment, because I believe that’s what a priest would require, anyway.

With demons, nothing is ever guaranteed, but since the Catholic Church is the one true Church, I think it would be the place to go in a case of possession. I believe the Catholic Church to be the only Church established by Jesus Christ and the rest, who are not in communion with it, to be in schism, split off.

These churches can’t all be true. I’d encourage you to come to the one true Church, also, as a first step. Priests have been given DIVINE authority. Peter was given the keys to the kingdom, told what he held bound would be held bound, that what he loosed would be loosed on earth and in heaven. The other churches are not acting with God’s divine authority,

I encourage you to get right with God, to go to RCIA in order to be able to also confess your sins. We believe that confessing to God is not the way he intended it to be done. Christ gave divine authority to the apostles to forgive sin. He breathed on them saying to receive the Holy Spirit, that what they forgave would be forgiven. Now, other modern churches say to ignore this, to confess directly to God, NOT go through the Church that Christ set up.

If you are going to overcome this, you will NEED the Church, to believe it in it, fully…Get right with God, the Church, also as a first step.

You can’t on the one hand go to all these other churches and then seek help with the Catholic Church. You need to make a decision, make up your mind. You can’t be in and out with the Church like that. It will not work. Either you believe in the Catholic Church, its representatives, or you don’t. If you believe, you need to become a part of it, leave all these other churches.

Christ established only ONE church. He said to Peter that he would be the “rock” on which the Church would be established, that the gates of hell would not prevail against it. He asked him, 3 times, to shepherd the Church. Now, when you reject the true Church, you reject Christ.

When you go to other churches, that is a mortal sin as you are rejecting God’s representatives to follow other man-made churches. So, you need to stop doing what is sinful.

that is the thing right Catholic. I remember when I found I had a demon when I tested the spirit before the lord. I thought of a bible vs that said many come in your name but Jesus does not know them. I Said unto the holy spirit I would judge his holy name if this demon is casted out by people he does not know even if they use his name. Not sure if that was a wise choice or not on my behalf and I have suffered greatly watching Christians tremble in fear and I have to be tortured for yrs. BUT I have to have things done accordingly to his will and testimony and I do not like people who just say they know Jesus. I am in wonder about the Catholic church, sense all the other churches failed and the demon disrupts and destroys every service. Heck most protestants tell me to do it myself, and cast it out, and not that I have not tried to be whipped around my room. Even if the demon is hiding from the Church it does not mean the Catholic church is the church of God. The demon I have is very cleaver and has hid before from the Pentecostal and the one that was bowing before the demon silenced. So I wonder if it is because that one Pentecostal or the whole church in general???The reason I say this is because of the Catholic priest that came into the pentecostal church that was shaking from head to toe in fear, being so full of the holy ghost…IT could have been because he was in the Pentecostal church to begin with. The only real reason I like your church is because you bring me some peace to me not calling me a demon to be holy as God and righteous, even though I am a little angry at you all for not having my desire and looking at God the only one good, all knowing his holy spirit is able to do all things…and none have even come close to being holy as him and righteous.

biggybig: realize my faith child, I do come before a God that says very little.I come before a God that nailed and beat the living life out of his son for you and displayed power how he can rise and over come the grave and sin and just by believing he rose from the grave you are righteous. CAN YOU LOOK AT GOD??? and say I am holy AS you and righteous? or can you only look at a king that says I can only strengthen you to be very little in sin??? I have come to know Issiah 55:8-9, by my faith which people do not like you are all Rom 3:11, and do not know Prov 9:10 and are Rom 3:10, Rom 3:23 would have fallen short of the glory of God. I am a before a God that says all things are possible, but is the only one holy and good as the father displays what he can do to his son as a offering to the world, and save you by his grace. Call me in love with God the father, and his son Jesus, and I seek the holy ghost. I love the father to know he did not have to send his son for me(or himself whatever way you look at it)I love Jesus by not needing him to suffer for me even though it is done and I am washed in the blood, the point is I did not need it done, and I love the holy spirit for one day that is all I will know as he leads me on…when he casts out this demon. For I need the holy spirit to obtain a perfect holy mindset and to know his will that is done on earth as it is in heaven, and to be NOT LEAD INTO TEMPTATION but away from all sin and DELIVERED from the evil one as I have a demon screaming in rage he is god of this world and you are all his and you all needed some one up on a cross to save you from him.

not I sin a little here and there or very little.

biggybig: I was suppose to say I do not come before a God that says very little…Would not let me edit.

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