Possible big break. .


Hello all!
I have been trying to break into photography for about a year now, and I might have my big break. I shoot with Pentax equipment, and Pentax has a website for the best photos taken with Pentax bodies and lenses. I got an invite to join and submit photos to the site. I have been submitting photos, but they have all been declined so far (though it might be a bug in the system, Pentax is looking into it). I am about to submit my next set of photos. They are a study I did of the “Alter Christus,” and I think they are some of my best and most original work. If I can get these published, I think I can continue the study by photographing other Priests.
Please keep me in your prayers, as I could really use the support and help in getting this photos published. My faith inspired these photos, and I hope my faith can let the world see them.

Thank you!

Yours in Christ,



Oh, how wonderful you are! Perhaps God is making a path for greatness for you. i shall keep you in my prayers and please keep me posted. Praying if it is God’s will you will get all that you want.



Thank you for your prayers!
I attached a screenshot of the photos I have up for review for publication.

Thank you again!

Yours in Christ,


Photography…a worthy art.

All the best to you. You are in my prayers.



"Thank you for your prayers!
I attached a screenshot of the photos I have up for review for publication.

Thank you again"!


i have looked at them, they are beautiful! You will remain in my thoughts and prayers.[SIGN]Wishing you well![/SIGN]



I pray for success in your chosen career. May it grow, and in your own way help in spreading the Faith.





Praying that this is so


I pray that God bless you in this great journey. Your artwork (I think photography is artwork) is magnificent.


You are in my prayers…


God’s abundant blessings on your aspirations and hopes, Thursday…


I’ll be praying for your success. :gopray:


God allow this photographer to do your work and spread your word.


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