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Hey everyone,

I’m a seminarian and I was thinking about starting a blog about what it is like being a seminarian in today’s world, just kinda reflecting over my experiences at Conception Seminary College. I was wondering what you all thought of the idea or if it would be something you would be interesting in reading. I was thinking about calling it “A Lamb Among Wolves”, based on the Commissioning of the Seventy found in Luke 10: 1-16. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,



That is a wonderful idea.

You should PM the moderators and ask if you could start a thread here that would be you posting your blog comments.

Prayers offered for you and your vocation. May God bless you always in all ways.



That sounds great. I would definitely read it! :thumbsup:


I would be interested in it as one discerning the priesthood to hear about seminary. Let us know if you start up this blog!



I’d love to read it.


and please remember to read the ones that are already out there.

Mine is at seminarianonthejourney.blogspot.com/
Three of my brother seminarians blogs are linked to my page.


It sounds very interesting. :thumbsup:


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