possible challenge down the road for Cardinal Dolan.

This was video is amazingly interesting and totally speculative about the prospect of a professed catholic, practicing homosexual, “married” and possibly the next NYC mayor.

IMO another opportunity to instruct the faithful as to why the church teaches what it does.


she is flaunting God. Cardinal Dolan is, after all is said, a human being, and a Catholic, a Catholic priest and leader, in particular.

She can kick sand in Dolan’s face, so to speak, and get away with it. She is only deceiving herself. But, my Bible says “God is not mocked.”

Personally, I agree. I remember as a child during the changes that took place after Vatican II that the church went from strictly teaching morality and disciplining according to those teachings to where it is more accepting of all types of view, morality and lifestyle. With that accepting and relativistic spirit we have seen Catholic church attendance drop from 75% every Sunday to 25% and the following of Catholic teaching at less than 5%. What do I base that on, well it is estimated that at least 95% of married Catholic women use birth control, yet the church sees it as a MORTAL sin. What does that tell us about faith in Catholic teachings today. If the church gives a mixed or unclear message, the faithful will become faithless. For two thousand years the Catholic church as an institution has taught the true teachings of Christ. Yet we see Priests and even Bishops questioning those same two thousand year old teachings. The Church needs to clamp down on all teachings that go against those handed down by the apostles and church fathers. I think the Catholic church is heading in that direction as it disciplines the nuns who are teaching anti-Catholic and even Atheistic views.
When ‘Catholic’ politicians promote anti-christian teachings, the Church must speak out because the average Catholic gets more exposure to those views then they do the true teachings at one hour of church on Sunday (when they bother to show up).
Do I seem a bit hard line? Yes I do. The Bible shows Jesus as being forgiving, BUT only when the sinner repents. Jesus taught that those teaching falsehood would suffer eternally. That seems pretty hard line to me.

Any examples?

You actually seem to be a bit misguided in thinking that all the Church has to do is “clamp down” on its teachings to insure orthodox thinking and morality among her children. It has never happened in the past; what makes you think that it will work now with the near total secularization of society?

I wish I could believe it would be understood and exploited as such, but I doubt it. The HHS mandate has been an excellent teaching moment for the bishops to talk about contraception – a rare chance to unsettle a “settled issue” in the modern mind – and instead all we got were vapid lectures about “freedom” and “conscience” that went nowhere and weren’t successful.

I agree with you completely. I should have written that this might be another chance to instruct the faithful due to the apparent missed opportunity to do so with the HHS mandate. A second chance so to speak. Freedom of conscience is great for a secular arguement but poor catchisis has been the ruin of the faithful in this age.

Not related to Catholic Tradition. Probably a better fit for Moral Theology.

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