Possible Christian Majors/Careers

I’m 19 and I really enjoy learning about Christianity and apologetics. I plan to attend College in fall 2015. I have contemplated possibly going into the priesthood or religious life but I feel that I would like to marry and have kids one day and that I’m not called to become a priest. However I would like to do something with my life that will help others and spread the Christian Faith. With humility I feel that I’ve been blessed with a gift of explaining/defending the Christian faith to others. What would some possible career choices or majors be that I should look into.

Thanks in advance!

Several career options come to mind:

First, you could found a lay apostolate for promoting Catholic culture in your area. Examples of lay groups that promote Catholic culture are Catholic book stores, Catholic radio stations, and youth outreach programs with the Catholic faith integrated. If your local area lacks one or more of those things, you could found a lay apostolate with a mission of getting those things into your area and maintaining them.

Second, you could see if teaching would be a good career choice for you. You could put a teaching degree into service either in a Catholic school as a teacher, in a Catholic parish setting such as director of religious education, RCIA coordinator, or Confirmation program coordinator, or you could teach in a secular school and try to build up the faith life of students. An example of how to do the last thing would be by being a faculty representative for a Catholic young adult group in a secular school, or, if there isn’t one at a given school, you could start one.

Anyway, those are just some thoughts that come to mind. Let me know what you think of them.

You could study the Bible or theology. Additionally there are some Christian Apologetics university programs out there such as the MA in Christian Apologetics at Houston Baptist University, which despite being located at a Baptist college is “merely Christian” and actually chaired by a convert to the Catholic faith (Dr. Holly Ordway, author of Not God’s Type)

You could also major in any number of different things and, by your living out of the Gospel and offering of you studies and work to God, sanctify yourself and your work place.

Thanks everyone for the insightful replies. I think teaching may be something I look into further. I know that’s a great way to serve the Lord even in secular situations.

What kind of jobs are available for someone with a degree in the Bible or Theology or
Christian Apologetics. These are also attractive to me but I don’t know how many job opportunities there are for these.

Thanks in advance for the replies.

A couple of things that come to mind here:

Unless you’re thinking about entering the clergy, I’d shy away from theology or Scriptural studies or the like, largely for the reason that you’ll find it very difficult to find a job after the fact. However, I am going to have to endorse dmar198’s suggestion of education.

The world always needs teachers, so you’ll always have work–and even if you’re compelled to work for your bread at a public school or organization, you’ll still have the education and skills necessary to teach catechism at a parish, or perhaps even work as a DRE or as an officer of a CYO, thus allowing you to achieve your goal of explaining your faith to a number of eager young students.

The problem with some of the jobs in theology is that you basically need a PHD to teach or do anything because the jobs are dwindling or difficult to find depending on the area due to lack of church attendance or depend in various parishes.

If you really want to serve God, go into medicine, because there are more jobs in that sector. Plus if you decide to go into missions, missions are always needing doctors, nurses etc.

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