Possible for an Eastern Catholic to be Pope

Is it possible for an Eastern Catholic Patriarch to become the Pope or is that just reserved for the Latin rite?

This same question has been raised regularly, so perhaps it might be beneficial to do a “keyword search” in this sub-forum.

Yes, it is possible, though unlikely. The Church could benefit from an Pope from one of the Eastern Churches. The last time the Church has a Pope from the Eastern Churches was over 1,000 years ago.

How about a yes or no answer?

It would also be beneficial to just answer with a simple “yes.” Typing that 3-letter word is a lot quicker than telling the OP to search for a thread where his question is discussed. :shrug:

If you wish to do it, please, by all means be my guest.

See [thread=810782]here[/thread] for a recent example. There are plenty of others.

If there will be more Eastern Catholic cardinals (there were one or two at the time of Francis’ election) then hopefully, there will be one.

That would be up to the Holy Spirit. God Bless, Memaw

Is it possible for an Eastern Catholic Patriarch to become the Pope or is that just reserved for the Latin rite?


But as soon as he was elected, he’d be in the Latin Rite.

An Eastern Catholic could be elected pope, but he’d be serving as the ordinary of a Latin Rite diocese (Rome) and necessarily a member of the Latin Rite himself.



In theory any male Catholic (Eastern, Latin, Oriental) can be elected as the Pope. In practice it’s unlikely that anyone other than a cardinal would be elected.

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'splain yourself. What do you mean not again??? God Bless, Memaw

I think malphono is referring to the fact that this is just going to be another 5 page duplication of the other Eastern Catholics and Papacy thread (not the one literally titled that, but pertaining to the topic) in which all these possible questions have been answered, some fallaciously. Already someone said the Pope would become Latin, which is false; the Pope might be the ordinary of a diocese in the Latin Church but he himself is effectively “omni-ritual.”

Anyway, if people are genuinely interested in these questions they can just look at the other thread that has already discussed essentially every facet of this topic.

Thank you. :slight_smile: You said that a lot more calmly than I could have done. :wink:

I even posted a link to the last go-round about this same topic, but apparently no one (other than you) bothered to look. :shrug:

About 2% of Catholics are Eastern Catholic, so if we were to go by only that we might guess that the likelihood is about 1-in-50. The actual likelihood is higher according to some people, lower according to others.

(But in any case, yes it’s possible.)

Yes I’ve heard that. I’ve never known quite what to think about it.

Simply think about the fact that the Pope (and by the Pope, I mean the office) has performed various liturgies in the last century (Syro-Malabar, Ukranian, etc.) without any ordinary’s approval. Therefore, he already has the faculties or he was doing something “illicit.”

Perhaps a better way to put that would be, I’ve never known quite what to think about the fact that the pope is omniritual but nobody else can be.

Alright I’m thinking about it … now. No, now!

Just to set the record straight, there were 8 Eastern Cardinals during the 12 March 2013 conclave: 4 non-voting and 4 voting.

Presently, there are still the same 8 Eastern Cardinals:


(1) Cardinal Sfeir, 93, Patriarch Emeritus of the Maronites;
(2) Cardinal Delly, 85, Patriarch Emeritus of the Chaldeans;
(3) Cardinal Husar, 80, Major Archbishop Emeritus of the Ukrainians;
(4) Cardinal Muresan, 82, Major Archbishop of the Romanians (Byzantine);

Voting, if a conclave is held today:

(5) Cardinal Naguib, 78, Patriarch Emeritus of the Copts;
(6) Cardinal Rai, 73, Patriarch of the Maronites;
(7) Cardinal Alencherry, 68, Major Archbishop of the Syro-Malabars; and
(8) Cardinal Thottunkal, 54, Major Archbishop of the Syro-Malankaras.

Obviously absent is the Melkite Patriarch who, rumors abound, refused (and still refuses) to be elevated to the cardinalate.:confused:

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