Possible for election results to be rigged?

I don’t know much about politics so please excuse me if this question sounds ignorant. This is the first election where I have followed politics and I’m 45.

Just wondering with all I’m hearing about big tech and main stream media covering for Biden (I really don’t want to dispute that aspect…several examples I’ve seen) it almost seems like there are those that support the democratic party that may be so powerful as to rig the results? Can that even be possible?

Ultimately I know it’s in God’s hands but if it were rigged how would that be found out and what would be the penalty?

Again, I am politically a bit ignorant so sorry if this sounds juvenile but I am sincere in my curiosity. Thanks for any input on this.

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Each state and territory in the US seems to have different rules about.how and when voters may both register and vote. And the counting of said votes. And how those votes translate in terms of the Electoral College.

It would really be the equivalent of having to separately rig a number of different electuons all at the same time. Extremely difficult.

Of course not literally impossible


Thank you for the insight Lily, appreciate it. Sounds like I guess there may be a possibility that the people at the polls are paid to count in favor of one party? But really I can’t see anyone risking that if it’s a crime. If someone did that I imagine they would be arrested?

You hear all sorts of things demonizing political candidates. The vast majority is pure bunk. No, Biden is not going to immediately institute Communism and force everybody to give up their private health insurance. No, Trump is not going to immediately shut down Medicare and kick everybody out of every nursing home in the country. As @LilyM said above, it is extremely difficult to rig a national election. I would go further and say that it would be extremely difficult to rig even one election, much less enough individual small ones to shift the outcome. I would say, just offhand, that it would be more likely that everyone who bought a random number ticket in a state lottery got the same numbers and that number set won. Not technically impossible, but vanishingly unlikely.

The counts are done by machine, not by people. And yes, anyone caught “adjusting” results in any way would most definitely be arrested.


Thank you, very helpful.

There is way more noise this election cycle than normal, that simply comes with Trump.

He likes to say provocative things, keep people off balance and guessing, and shape the narrative to his favor. Unfortunately, his tactics frequently work… I’ve heard several people state that the only way Trump loses is if the dems cheat… which is not true… There is simply no evidence of voter fraud beyond what has been normal in this country for a long time.

I guess you forget about the Florida elections and their “hanging chads” with humans deciding the votes by whatever they thought it looked like?

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No, I definitely didn’t forget that, but I was speaking to the count done at the individual polling place on Election Day, not a hypothetical manual recount that may or may not happen after the fact. And even the vast majority of recounts never get to the manual phase, and I understand that the punch cards used in some places in that election are as extinct as the dodo or passenger pigeon.

No, it’s not.

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Begin about 6:10.

Curiousity is a great thing. I do think there’s the possibility of voter fraud or some states allowing people to vote beyond 1159PM today because of not needing the post-mark to before that time, such as PA.

That said, I do think that God is in control and that we worry when we don’t believe enough in his control and his ability to make good of what is wrong about the world.


To rig a national election is nearly impossible. Despite all the nonsense spouted about problems with mail in ballots, or ballots taking days after the election to be tabulated, we will get a correct vote count at some point later in the week or next week.

None of the federal agencies think that there is wide spread voter fraud. These are professionals doing their jobs. If you disagree with them, fine, but realize the source of disagreement.

Now is there political interference regarding the nonsense spewed by foreign countries on social media trying to sway peoples votes one way or another, that is certainly real. And the fact that Americans so willingly share, forward or otherwise perpetuate the nonsense is certainly real as well.

Lets not forget that in 2000, it took 1.5 months after the election to declare a winner. Hopefully there will be a clear victor this cycle in a much shorter time. That won’t keep some from whining and calling fraud, and others from saying that God willed it to happen.

By your insinuating that the main stream media is covering up for Biden somehow, you give yourself away in that you may not be satisfied with the results if Biden does win.


Not sure about the US, but here in Australia the counting is actually itself scrutinised by people from all the major parties, so any big problems would very likely be picked up.

Given that in 2000 the Presidential result was contested in the Supreme Court, partly due to odd counting practices in Florida, it would seem to be as highly scrutinised in the US.


Sure I won’t be satisfied because I don’t want him to win. But life goes on. You obviously have much knowledge on the subject, thanks for sharing.

That’s good to know, thank you Lily.

That triggered a new round of voting if I remember .

Yes, and contrary to what Twitter and Facebook tell you, there’s no evidence that large scale mail in voting is actually safe.


But there is evidence that mail in voting is not only safe, but accurate. Yet some people still believe it isn’t. Kind of makes you wonder.


There have been instances where ballots were not delivered, but found in the trash.

One example, and if it has happened once, it’s happened other times.



It has to be proven to be safe now? Why?

Voting in person has not been proven to be safe given the large numbers of instances of people wrongly being denied the opportunity to register, robocalls telling people to stay at home (happens every election cycle, apparently), people wrongly being told that if they are in line when polls close they cannot stay in line and cast their vote (apparently legally they can, but are told otherwise) and other shenanigans.

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