Possible Future Dogma on the Flood, Babel, Exodus


Possible Future Dogma on the Flood, Babel, Exodus

Zechariah was dumb by positive Divine Intervention for all nine months of St Elizabeth, and for the first five months and part of the sixth month, it was the primary scene in the drama of Joyful Mysteries, leading up to the Annunciation.

Remember how I see the nine months as the nine substages of OT before OT climaxes in St. John the Baptist and Christ?

This is profound:

The first five and half substages of OT history DO involve POSITIVE DIVINE DISCIPLINE, at least if we take Genesis 4 to Exodus literally.

On the extreme liberal side, they say the Flood, Babel, and Exodus are complete myths with little or no historical sense, and that antiquity can be explained purely naturally.

On the other side, we have fundamentalism that demands a total and complete literal nature to the stories.

Look at the first six subparts:

  1. Darkness: Fall, Wickedness of Noah's Day
  2. Light: Flood
  3. Darkness: Tower of Babel
  4. Light: Confounding of Tongues, Calling of Abraham
  5. Darkness: Egypt Enslaves
  6. Exodus, OT Kingdom, David, Prophets

Appropriately, Mary conceives the ultimate fulfillment of King David, Jesus, in the midst of the Sixth month of St. Elizabeth, just as David came in the sixth subart of OT history.

But until that time, again, Zachariah, is rendered DUMB, not by himself, but by GOD'S DIVINE INTERVENTION, a DISCIPLINARY MIRACLE.

See, then, above, all six subparts above CLAIM positive Divine Discipline in them or in response to them, by God.

The Chuch could use the metaphor to then define a balance:

The Chastisement or Discipline of the anti-Baptismal Disposition in fallen man, in his anti-Marital Disposition, and the response to enslavement in Egypt, CANNOT BE FULLY EXPLAINED naturally but involve SOME POSITIVE, SUBSTANTIAL DIVINE INTERVENTION to restrain it!

Possible future dogma:

The restraint of or response to man's anti-Baptismal disposition of the fall, that is, his tendency to doubt Divine Truth (lack of faith) and his general condition of sinfulness (lack of repentance), as well as the other primary tendency of fallen man, anti-Marital condition (man turning from seeking spousal relationship to God in exchange for superficial infatuation with the material world, and the pursuit of its glory, thereof, by selfish and perverse unity) cannot be fully explained in antiquity by natural means, but did involve some mysterious, positive Divine Intervention of a discplinary nature.



The Exodus cannot be fully explained naturally, since sinful man in antiquity is not prepared, by nature of the fall, to release the innocent of own free will, and therefore, the freedom of the Jewish People for Egypt in some sense involved, positive, substantial Divine Intervention.



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