Possible Meniere's Disease


Please remember my nephew, Bobby, in your prayers. He just graduated from the University of Cincinnati Saturday and yesterday drove to NC where he has been hired as an engineer.

Long story short, he has recently begun experiencing all of the classic symptoms of Meniere’s disease. If this is indeed what he has, it can be quite debilitating, and there is no cure.

Please pray that he will be led to the right doctor who can properly diagnose and help him. He’s so excited about this move and his new job/career.

Thank you, friends.


Will pray for Bobby.


Prayers for young Bobby that his medical team be guided by God’s love and compassion and treatment heals him body, mind, and soul. Amen.


praying for Bobby…


Praying for Bobby!


I will pray for Bobby.


Bobby will be in my prayers. :crossrc:



I have a webpage with research and links, along with videos from Otologists showing the different office treatments. It is a good place to start researching about Meneires. I have links to the Harvard meneires site, along with to Menieres experts around the world. I also have links to other meniere’s communities - so you can find one you feel comfortable in.

My myspace Meniere’s community currently has 62 Meniere’s patients who help each other through the bad days, every one of us has been through what Bobby is going through, this is not an easy time, there is no worse feeling than dizzy spins that don’t stop, many of us thought we were actually dying when our first attack hit. Very scary! Meniere’s at first seems to change everything about your life, but as you can see by visiting our group’s individual myspace accounts, we have all worked our way around meniere’s to have great careers and wonderful happy lives with our families. Please tell Bobby it will get better, brains are amazing things - the senses adjust to changes. It is kinda like when you get so used to a smell you don’t smell it anymore, the balance system is similar, your brain will adjust to a point it doesn’t violently react to, “or smell”, the bad signal your vestibular system is sending it.

My website is: www.myspace.com/menieres




Dear Lord please look after this young man.


Praying for him.


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