Possible particles of the Host

When i’m serving Mass, after the sign of peace I always seem to notice little white things on my fingers. I cant really tell if they are particles of the Host for sure, but i guess its a possibility because the priest doesn’t keep his fingers together. they could just be from fabric or something else but i’m not sure. Just to be safe, i rinsed my fingers in the sacrarium. Did i commit a sin by doing this?

Well, you cannot sin unknowingly. So you did not sin in that instance. Now, you are thinking about it, and you should find out the answer for the future. (Sorry I don’t actually know the answer.)

??? :confused: you have communion before the lords prayer :confused:???

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I’m guessing from the OP’s question that the possible source of the possible Eucharistic crumbs would be from shaking hands with the priest at the Sign of Peace, the alleged crumbs coming from the handling of the priest’s host up to that point.

Thanks for the replies!

I’m really worried because I’m pretty sure that you’re supposed to consume them. I think If I knew for sure they were particles I would have consumed them, but there were people around and because I’m really scrupulous and they might not have even been particles I rinsed my hands in the sacrarium. I know the sacrarium leads to the ground and that is where they poor the water from sacred linens after they wash them, but i think what i did was wrong. Could this be objectively a sacrilege?

Why don’t you ask your priest. It seems we’re not sure of the answer here.

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