Possible private vow

When I was 16, I prayed the Life offering prayer devocionesypromesas.com.ar/english/ofrecimiento_vida_eng.htm
Hoping that I would be able to fulfill, though I cannot remember if I ever actually believed that I would be able to. Due to my age, am I bound by this vow?

You are not bound by such terrible human fantasies.

Judge for yourself:
“My children, my apostles: the souls need the sufferings accepted by you so much as the patients need their medications. I cannot remove the cross from your shoulders even when at times it seems to them that they are going to fall under its weight; because if I did, the healing process of the souls would be interrupted and many would perish that could still be saved. When the debt of one or several souls is cancelled or finishes due to the healing through suffering offered for them, then I remove the cross some time so that my apostle can receive new vigor, destined to such sublime vocation.” :whacky:

This is the old sadomasochistic conception about salvation, which says that Jesus’ crucifixion wasn’t enough, that Jesus needs other people to suffer “for the sins of others” and that innocent folks should be conditioned to believe that if they refuse to be tortured for other people’s sins, **they **are responsible if God condemns those people to hell. What kind of divine justice is that? What kind of divine mercy is that? God isn’t a bloodthirsty pagan god who requests innocent people to sacrifice themselves so as he could be persuaded to forgive other people.
And Jesus didn’t come here to begin a new cycle of bloody sacrifices: He ended and abolished the old bloody sacrifices once and for all. If what Jesus did was so insignificant that we need to sacrifice ourselves now, then why do we bother to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet - “For the sake of His sorrowful Passion”, when we could say “For the sake of our sorrowful Passions” instead?

Well, I also made this offering some years ago, and now I wish I didn’t…not because it would be a certain vow related to that (I reread the prayer and it doesn’t say anything about a vow, where did you find it?) but because I’m much more skeptical regarding private revelations.

Does It actually have to say its a vow to be a vow? That was not what I understood when I read the section of canon law regarding it.

I’m sorry, I misunderstood the word vow…I thougth it was something you have to accomplish. I don’t know what are the consequences of making this offering, and if the request is accepted by God.

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