possible sin

My mom, a protestant, rents to two women she knows are lesbians. Whether this is done out of love or not I don’t know. I don’t know what to tell her if she’s sinning or not. She is providing them a home and we are to love homosexuals. But not the sin. Could she be indirectly sinning? She years ago was sterilized by some being do to her fallopian tubes I don’t know if it was tubal ligation or not. I told her this is sin.

i really don’t know but i do know everyone has a basic need for shelter.

As long as these 2 ladies are law abiding, good tennants it is not the landlord’s business what they do in their home. Besides, where I live it is against the law to refuse to rent to someone based on their sexual preference.

Does not appear to be sin at all - the sin could be to do otherwise. Regardless of fallible and sometimes erroneous human laws (see f.ex. this document on the validity of all such claims of “discrimination”), the Church states in the Catechism that anyone who has homosexual tendencies must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity, and that every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided.

Also, no sin is mortal sin if committed without full knowledge or deliberate consent. This is with regards to the second issue mentioned.

Too late now, but one should be a bit more selective about who one rents to. Sodomy, killing of the innocent (abortion/infanticide) and exploiting the poor are still three three sins crying to Heaven for vengeance. Fox news, Gingrich, Jindal, some on the Catholic right are suddenly getting real squishy on confronting sodomites. There are some in the institutional church who wax poetic about sodomite unions FORGETTING that the Church has time-and-time again affirmed that sodomites should never wear collars, much less mitres. Another matter is, because homosexuality does not happen naturally, but is a response to bad same-sex parenting, initial sexual experience, or plain hedonism, the sodomite looks to recruit, and the younger the better they think. Don’t need long to conjure anecdoctal evidence for that, do ya? The people who smother all sorts of syrup and honey on the “same-sex attracted”, I will only take seriously when they do the same for the “pre-pubescent attracted”, 'pubescent-attracted", “Poly-amory attracted”, “Bishop-butchering attracted”, or even “Pope-punching attracted”…The point is if you are sexually attracted to children, believe in harems, want to disembowel bishops, or punch Benedict, your mentally ill…just like the sodomites. Get therapy and find out WHY you’ve chosen this lifestyle…so Yes, NO to renting to pedophiles, ephebophiles, fundamentalist muslims and mormons, sadists, Pope-pugilists…AND sodomites as well!!! :eek:

Ok I know Jesus sat with the sinners and he was trying to say something. I think the law of love trumps the law of sin and death myself.

The Church teaches that we are to love sinners but hate the sin. While your mother should not condone or encourage their immoral behavior, it would be morally wrong to deprive them of shelter (not to mention it would be illegal to not rent to someone based on sexual orientation).

Furthermore, in my opinion, to discriminate against someone for any reason is morally wrong. We may not like the things that they do, but we must show love for them anyhow. Otherwise, we would not be able to convert anyone.

As to the last point, if your mother was not aware that sterilization was a mortal sin at the time that she had it performed, than it was not a mortal sin. For a sin to be mortal, not only must it deal with grave matter, but it must also be done freely, and with FULL knowledge that it is mortally sinful!

The “It’s Illegal…” bromide doesn’t wash because if we decide what the goverment says trumps our Faith, we deserve our martyrdom. Secondly, sodomy is a choice, in as much as murder, fornication, theft, pedophilia, bestiality, or any of a number of spiritual or pschological failures are. This new dubious and demonic psuedo-compassion, manufactured by the media, and swallowed whole by nearly the entire conservative/right establishment, completely ignores Paul’s depiction of sodomites in Hebrews, Romans, and the entire Epistle of St. Jude (immediately prior to The Apocalypse and, perhaps, not so coincindentally).
Traditional Catholic thought has always looked at reasons, choices, or steps we make down the descending spiral of mortal sin as a reflection of how we got there and what changes we need to stay out of that satanic stairwell in the future. Sodomy can be called “same-sex attracted” like murder can be called “kill-man attracted” or bestiality…you get the picture.
Now, mom doesn’t really have a choice now, but future prudence would be highly advisable…for everyone.

Wonderfully stated! You could engrave that sentence at the bottom of a crucifix.

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