Possible to kill a Demon or Angel

This is just an entirely hypothetical and silly question but is it possible to kill a Demon or Angel?

I’ve seen various movies on the subject and my immature college attention deprived brain is filled with visions of medieval warrior priests and knights doing battle with renegade angels and demons…


Sure. Only God is truly immortal (ie, IS life). Everything else HAS life to some degree, and anything you have can be taken away. Obviously God could kill an angel or demon with nothing more than a thought.

But can WE kill angels and demons? The Church has no official teaching, but I highly doubt it - sorry, Hollywood. Can they kill each other? Probably not.

Actually, I just checked the Catechism, which says angels “are personal and immortal creatures” (#330). I’m sure the Church does not intend to teach that angels cannot be killed by God if God so willed, but it does preclude death by some dude with a sword. And I would interpret this as meaning they can’t kill each other either.

Consider this…who would win in a fight? A demon or a hurricane? Hold on…hoooold ooon…hoooold ooon. Da name…uh da hurricane…is hurricane ditka?

Death would probably be impossible for the angel unless it was by God ( “rather fear him who can kill the body and soul in Hell” Matthew 10:28). However, this death seems to be more of a rotting and misery idea of death than one of actual removal from existence as Hell is usually called eternal punishment. But I wouldn’t suspect that anyone besides God could have any effect on the “health” of anyone’s soul and there would be no way to actually kill them.

Of course, in Tolkien’s world (yeah, I went there :p), Elves were “immortal” in the sense that they would not ever die a natural death, but they could be slain. But they were also not of the status of the Maiar and Valar, who were like angels and archangels. I don’t recall that they could die…

(I know fantasy fiction that draws heavily on Catholic theology is not the same as Catholic theology itself, but I am more just thinking about how the word is used.)

Chuck Norris could kill a demon! :cool:

Anyways, CCC teaches they are immortal, which is defined as not subject to dying.
So, I guess if an angel and a demon went Spiritus y Spiritus they would be brawling until one got tired and quit. :shrug:

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If Angels could be killed then how come demons are not dead already since they were defeated and expelled from heaven?

They are immortal.

I don’t think so if you mean kill as in annihilation. closest to death for them
is being stuck (bound) in the lake of fire, which itself is eternal.

On earth, I think exorcism and binding can happen to demons, only
binding example I can think of is the Gerasene demoniac who had the Legion
of demons, which Christ sent into the herd of swine. Being bound in the pigs
(at least seems they were stuck there), pigs went into the sea and drowned.

Forgive me, but this seems like a somewhat silly question. Angels, whether fallen or not, are creatures of pure spirit. Death, as we temporal human beings understand it, doesn’t really apply to such beings. Truth be told, it barely applies to us. Every human being ever born is immortal, in the sense that we will truly exist forever. The only real question is where…

Along those lines, and pardon the lack of scriptural citation (such things have been covered endlessly for centuries by minds far more brilliant than myself), angels and humans both have the distinct privilege and responsibility, as beings created with the priceless and perilous gift of free will, of choosing the path of ultimate life or death. Fiction often portrays angels, both fallen and ascended, as strictly temporal and mortal beings, subject to injury and even death in the endless war between good and evil.

For the purpose of telling a story, much can be ceded to artistic license. But in reality, I am convinced that angels, as sentient beings of pure spirit, are just as ultimately immortal as we humans are, and would therefore be subject to similar (though apparently not identical) rewards and punishments for their actions. The question of whether God could destroy any human or angel if He so wished is immaterial. Of course He could, He’s God! But so far, He has clearly seen fit to NOT destroy the angels that fell, despite the fact that our meager human existence might be quite a bit easier if He had.

That being said, God has given us a rather wide variety of spiritual weapons with which to combat demonic forces. Destroying them outright doesn’t seem to be an option within our mortal capabilities, but Jesus Himself demonstrated for us that demons are quite vulnerable, helpless even, against the tremendous power of faith and love. Demons themselves are no longer capable of either, having lost all hope after their fall. That same gift that they were offered but rejected, which we are now called upon to accept… that is their undoing. And I dare say, mere death would be a tremendous mercy, if only they deserved it.

As for the angels that remained faithful to God, it would appear that they have already been glorified, thereby becoming immune to any form of death or destruction that we humans could ever comprehend, let alone possibly inflict on such beings. In short, is it possible to fight and even defeat a demon? Absolutely. But is it possible that such a being can actually be killed or destroyed? I dare say, no, it is not.

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