Possibly a Life-Changing Weekend

I have had an eventful weekend. There were three events that sort of worked together to challenge me to “do better.”

  1. Back on Friday I had a near-death experience (If you want to see the gory details, look here: forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?t=184185 ). No, I didn’t go thru the tunnel toward a white light, or see Jesus walking toward me, but if Someone hadn’t put a cork in that artery that was leaking, I might have bled out in the ambulance.

  2. Once the docs decided that the bleeding had stopped and wasn’t likely to restart, I was sent home, just in time to watch that awesome Mass on EWTN. What a wonderful experience!

  3. Now the bad news: this mornng the 11:00 Mass at our parish was a guitar mass. The guitarist/song leader was a newcomer to the parish. The hymns were all a Haugen/Schutte/Haas hootenanny, and what was sung in at the Gloria, the responsorial psalm (which was taken from Psalm 51), and the Gospel Proclamation verse bore only a passing resemblance to the printed text in the missalette. They (the husband and wife) announced that they are trying to start a youth choir that will be singing alternate Sundays at the 11:00 Mass (I can’t imagine that they will be singing chant and Gabrieli).

Don’t get me wrong–I like guitars and folk music. I was a wanna-be folk-singer in the late '60s and early '70s, and I still sometimes get my nylon six out and do some Buffy, Dylan, Joan, or Judy.

But even when I had exposure to the folk masses that Miss Bonnie would take me to (when she was a practicing Catholic, and I was a lower-case pagan), I thought that the “folk music” at those masses was extremely shallow, both lyrically and musically. It has not improved over the years. On one of today’s songs (I don’t remember which one), it sounded like the composer had used a random chord generator to choose where he was going to go next, and then a random note generator to determine where the melody was going to go. What an unsingable piece of junk!

I had hoped that seeing the Mass Friday on EWTN would prompt the parish to at least emulate the reverence demonstrated during that Mass. Obviously I was mistaken.

This confluence of events has made me realize that my life is too short, and I simply don’t have time any more to mess with what might distract me from worshiping God as His Church has been instructed to worship Him. Consequently:

  1. I seriously need to work on my detachment from sin. With me it’s a some-time thing–some days I have a real hate-relationship with the besetting sins in my life, but other days there’s more at-tachment than de-tachment. However, at my age, I don’t have time for sin any more. (And whatever your age, neither do you.)

  2. I am going to keep track of who is leading the music on the weekend Masses at our parish. If our usual 11:00 Mass is going to be a folk concert, we will either go to the vigil Mass the previous evening (provided it is not going to be a guitar Mass), or we will go to the Shrine or St. Bernard’s Abbey.

  3. I am going to make it part of my permanent intentions for my daily Rosary that the Ordinary will quickly come to be celebrated with the same reverence and attention to detail as the Extraordinary. Barring that, I am going to pray that what is now the Ordinary will quickly become the Extraordinary, and that what is now the Extraordinary will quickly become the Ordinary.

Aaaww, Dave…I missed Mass. I was there with the gang of little men, but we just didn’t make it very long.

I really wish music like that can be saved for the School Mass.

Wow, you have had a busy weekend of it! Soemthing to give us all pause for thought indeed.

Most of us can’t deny that we have those besetting sins, and it is hard to try to see things from the Almighty’s point of view and how utterly offensive even the slightest sin is to Him.

But ask for the grace to do so and I’m sure it’ll be given!

As for music - I’ve been to Masses with good and bad music. Even the classics can be done poorly enough to be butchered, never would’ve believed it unless I’d ear-witnessed it meself.

Sadly perhaps my preference is more generally for musicless Masses, which I can often find even on Sundays (many churches round here don’t have singing at their early Masses).

I’m sorry to post this as a question of ignorance, but I don’t have time to look this up this evening. Do I remember correctly that it is forbidden to change the wording of the required prayers (like the Gloria) and the Scripture readings (specifically, the Responsorial Psalm)?

I’ll have more time tomorrow to research this, if an answer doesn’t turn up here. Tonite is Community Band :smiley:

Give thanks and praise for this brother!

The folk Mass will be with us for some time to come. Even in the diocese I live in, with all the great vocations and a few really TOP NOTCH parishes - traditional and “to the rubric new rite with communion rail & chant” there are still some very “funny” things going on at the Cathedral at times. Our consolation? Its on the way out. Tradition and orthodoxy are coming back.

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