Possibly violating taffic laws?

Alright so here’s the situation. Every day after school, I walk to the bus stop. It’s a very short walk, just one block. On the right hand side of the road which is adjacent to my school, there is a sidewalk for most of the walk but a short portion where the sidewalk disappears and I have to walk on the side of the road (or else on somebody’s driveway). The sidewalk then starts back up again further down. If I were to take the left hand side of the road, there would be a sidewalk all the way down, but I would have to cross the street five different times (once to get over, three times on the way down, and once to get back over) within a 3 minute walk. All of these street crossings are crosswalk or traffic light protected, so I guess technically I’m legally obligated to walk on the left hand side of the road (unless I’ve been receiving misinformation, which is very possible). Realistically though, any minute amount of danger that I could face walking for 100 feet in a school district to the far right of the roadway has got to be less than crossing the street five different times to get one block down the road. Is there any moral obligation to do that because of the law, though?

There’s no obligation to cross the street to use a sidewalk just because the sidewalk on your side of the street disappears for a short distance. Stay on the side you prefer and just keep out of the way of cars for the short distance there isn’t a sidewalk.

You should do what is the safest for you.

The majority of your posts indicate you may tend towards scrupulosity. These types of issues need professional help. Please talk to your pastor about what seems to be constant doubting.

you’re not sinning. go in peace my brother.

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