post 667

I noticed that 666 threads existed in the Bible forum, so I felt the need to post a 667 to get it off that number! :stuck_out_tongue:
Well, God is good, the Scriptures are good, so God bless y’all!


So, if a building has 15 floors, would it bug you to have a 13th floor? I have seen buildings where they skip from 12 to 14.


History has recorded that at 11:59PM on June 5, 1906, we skipped to June 7 1906. :bigyikes: Was that another leap year?:whacky:. Will that happen again next year?:confused:

When I was in my early 20’s I worked at a gas station, on the New York State Thruway. We…ll, whenever a car came in, for gas and the guy asked me to “fill er up,” if I happened to notice that he had some Jack Chick "anti"religious tracts on the front seat, :whistle:I would stop the gas pump on $6.66.
:smiley: I always loved the look on the customers face when I said " six - sixty-six please.:bigyikes:"
Boy was I a stinker.:rotfl:

667 is the number of Emperor Nero’s idiot half brother. :smiley:

When I was in Jr. High we would compare 666 to the name of the president at the time - Ronald Wilson Reagan. 6 letters in 3 names. Yeah, we were just dumb kids, I know.

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