Post a Word that Gets Overused

“That said” or “Having said that.”


In the primary debates, Elizabeth Warren, who is over 40, began practically every response with the word “so.”


So… I think the “so” serves the same purpose as the bell on a shop door; it let’s the listener know that something is coming.

It’s as though the listener is a voice-activated machine that needs a half a second to start recording. In fact, the auditory part of the brain is a bit like that machine from Amazon which is always listening, but even that requires the attention call, “Alexa, …”

We could just as well begin with the listener’s name.


“around,” instead of “about,”

as in, “He has questions around gender identity.”


I guess “Alexa” is probably a word that is being overused quite a bit these days…

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Yeah. And I found myself saying “we’re all in this together” in order to comfort my kids who were struggling with “the whole Covid thing” over the summer. Then, when I heard Target lowly voicing “we’re all in this together” over their loudspeaker, I thought, OH great! I’ve been BRAINWASHED! I dont want to be together. :japanese_goblin: OK? Let’s just stop this being together thing. :wink:


In terms of.

What would you like for lunch, in terms of food?


Unhinged. It seems a rather uncharitable word.


This door is unhinged!


I’ve noticed my own habit more than being annoyed at others! I tend to start sentences with Well,… sometimes, So… besides the fact that I really like parentheticals and …!

The only time I wince a bit is when texting makes its way into forum comments. Instant messages are fine but here we are having discussions and there’s no reason for …if u want or gr8. Besides giving away your age, I fear we might wind up with a generation of people that don’t know how to spell, construct a sentence or proper use of grammar. A little bit of error here and there is fine. We are all human. I don’t want to be a grammar Nazi, I just sometimes am! :joy:


Patty, u r so gr8 tho! :joy:


IKR! Icanz have all the Lolz!


Sorry, I’m not giving up the lols. :joy:I’m a middle aged woman and I still appreciate the help of an occasional lol or emoji to communicate lightness.

I thought of another word: “obsessed”
I live with four teens.


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My condolences! :joy:

I live with a 15 yo grandson and also have a 16 yo granddaughter! They help keep me young! I enjoy these teen years much more than my own children’s teen years! I’m a bit more clued in now and worry much less. I watch their parents freak out about stuff and I just keep telling them…they’ll be fine. You’re doing a good job. They are just teens!

And you have my permission to LOL all you want! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


“Breaking news” even if the news story is a couple of days old.


Overused word.

:crazy_face: :laughing: :roll_eyes:

So the angel goes, “Blessed art thou amongst women,” and I’m like, “Let it be as though wilst, Dude.”

I’ve maintained for years, even before I had a cellphone, that the term is “dorktype” . . .

Don’t be silly; you don’t have to have an opinion to be that. Simply not endorsing the speaker’s opinion is enough now . . .
:scream: :roll_eyes:

As Churchill put it, “would you please stop verbing nouns” . . .

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The sad thing is that you aren’t even joking.


Oooo, I like that! Good one. :+1:

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unfortunately, true . . .

but you’ve triggered a couple of memories.

Law school, and we needed to have 3 hours of testing in a three hour class. Prof suggested cancelling the final if noone objected, as we’d had four by that point. Sure enough, some clown that wanted to climb up the curve objected.

The proctors got angry when we started laughing when we opened the test. “But it’s a funny test”. Open book test (it was on the UCC, so kind of necessary)–and it was 10 questions, matching, answerable from the table of contents.

I stayed longer than most, inspecting for any trick questions (well, the professor was called “The Prince of Darkness” for a reason. . . ). An hour later, though, some people were still at it. I ran into the prof, mentioned this, and he replied that, “The sad part is that they won’t all get 100%!”

And late in grad school, as a teaching assistant, commenting to a prof about people that could have passed not showing up for the final. "No, the sad part is the ones that mathematically cannot pass that do show up; . . .

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