Post birth abortion

Is this article some kind of sick joke? What’s next? Toddler “abortions”? Preteen “abortions”? When do people draw the line and realize that they are taking someone’s life? Beyond sad. :confused:

For the pro aborts,they discarded the belief that abortion takes an innocent life a long time ago. So it would follow that a baby newly born,isn’t worth much either:eek:

I wish it were a joke. :frowning:

The “post-birth abortion” aka infanticide debate has been going on for some time. I remember hearing about Peter Sanger arguing for it.

Most recently I read about this:

The two who wrote this article then released a response saying something to the effect of “it was only supposed to be read by academics, we didn’t REALLY mean you should kill babies.” Maybe not, but I still have to wonder about the person that would argue for such a thing.

People boggle my mind with the things they come up with! Just check out this video of a Planned Parenthood representative defending infanticide as the woman and doctor’s “choice.”

It can be a good argument to develop. A person who wishes to point out that the same arguments that are accepted to take and unborn’s life can be stated equally as well about killing the living children and some adults around us is a strong argument against any one being killed. Though I don’t know the spirit in which each person is making the argument. It’s good to hear that some people outside the church has recognized the arbitrary line of birth as when murder becomes possible.

Yes, this is not a joke. Current people believe that if an abortion fails and if the baby is a born alive it should be perfectly legal to kill them. President Obama is one of them, no joke. I was my Mother’s third unplanned pregnancy, she aborted my two older siblings, whom I decided to refer to as Joesph and Austin after two saints( I hope this is not a sin…)

The belief that a person should be killed becasue they have a disability, are born into poverty, and ECT did not die with Hilter and Nazism. Supporters of Eugenics have found their loophole with abortion and baby killing

And somehow they have managed to keep that opinion quiet, as if it doesn’t matter because it was years ago. THAT is who is leading the United States. :(:mad:

I think I’m going to be sick…

He has not been quite about it. People, including many “Catholics” that go every Sunday know about this and strongly support this. My Dioceses is full of them.

More on Pres. Obama’s support on post-birth baby killing:

It is the only logical conclusion to the theory that abortion is acceptable. Science shows that there is no one moment when a fetus becomes a “person”. Further, science has simply proven that from the moment of conception, the developing unborn is 100% human. (That statement just feels so obvious to me, but some people will argue otherwise…) The term ‘Fetus’ is merely a part of human development. Just like Infant. Toddler. Adolescent. Adult. Elder. If it is acceptable to justify the killing of an innocent human in a fetal state, then it should in theory be acceptable to justify the killing of an innocent human in any state. Pretty sick, isn’t it?

Hopefully this argument will do some good eventually. People may be more willing to see how intensely ludicrous and wrong this logic is, and maybe then they’ll get the idea click in their minds that says, “Hey… Maybe this is wrong.” :mad:

Dearest Glad2behome,

I am happy that your mother chose life for you. I’m sure Joseph and Austin are praying from heaven for you and for your mother and father.

One day your mother can hold them in her arms.

It is not a sin to name your siblings. In post abortion healing programs, mothers and fathers are encouraged to name their precious children. God helps the parent know their babies names. It looks as if God lead you in naming your older brothers.

Because abortion hurts siblings like yourself, Post Abortion Healing Programs are often open for not only mothers, but fathers and siblings who have lost their baby or sibling due to abortion. You might want to attend such a program.

I’m hoping this, too, though I fear some of the pro-abortionists have become so callous that they would indeed argue that it IS ok to kill newborn babies. It’s very sad. :frowning:

Thank you your kind words, really. I keep praying to the Most Holy Family that one day my mom’s mental illness and anti-Catholicism is cured.

It just angers me becasue according to the pro-baby killing crowd, becasue I am the bastard son of a drug addicted mother, I should have been aborted.

This brings tears to my eyes. It is sick–SICK–what evil has permeated our world. The value of human life is so low in some circles… I am so grateful that your mother chose life for you, for whatever reason.

Thank you, I am glad to my mother chose life also me…it would not sound too smart if I wish she killed me.

Anyway, this brings to what Pope Francis said. If a single mother becomes pregnant and choices life, we should be grateful and welcome her and her child into the Church with open arms.

This moved me deeply. Thank you for sharing it.

You have a beautiful prayer for your mother.

You are a wonderful voice that can help to change hearts - one heart at a time - if you feel the call to do so.

If someone speaks for killing pre-born babies and especially killing babies of drug addicted single mothers - you can lovingly say that it hurts you personally to hear that. Then say that you are one of those babies they want killed and you are so happy to be here today. You can say you wished your brothers Joseph and Austin had been allowed to live.

When pro-abort people speak, they can forget that they are talking about a real baby - a real person. To show them they are specifically talking about you… it can be a nudge that you are a real person and you did deserve to live … just like all the other babies who they wished were killed. It lets them see your sadness for real brothers, Joseph and Austin, who lost their lives to abortion.

Your mother’s drug use and mental health most likely attributed to her poor choice in aborting Joseph and Austin. She may be anti-Catholic due to incorrect thinking that the Catholic Church feels she is horrible for aborting her babies. While the Church teaches that abortion is wrong, the Church at the same time wants to help mothers not to abort and wants to help post-abortive mothers and fathers to feel Jesus’ Love and Forgiveness offered to them.

Here are a few websites that may be helpful for you having lost your older brothers and to help you in understanding more about your dear mother.

Project Rachel :Hope after Abortion

Post Abortion Walk - thread on CAF

Post Abortion Walk - blog

Rachel’s Vineyard

Silent No More

October Baby

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Surrendering the Secret

National Helpline for Abortion Recovery

Abby Johnson

Abby Johnson - book - *unPlanned *

Does anyone have a link to the whole segment. Right at the end Melissa says, “The problems is that politicians want to make sweeping legislation on those feelings.” That tells me that she may have countered her argument in the next statement, but the video does not continue. It is important to watch the entire segments to put what she is saying in context. In the end, I might not agree with her,but I want to hear the whole argument.

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