post from an atheist

Someone I know who is atheist made this post

“Did you know that the Catholic Church under various Popes had the penises from statues all over Europe lopped off and replaced with leaves ? Did you also know that if you ask really nicely the Vatican will take you on a “private(s)” tour to a nice wooden chest that is heavily padded on the inside. It has all the missing granite phalluses placed carefully inside it. Dozens of these things, too scary to keep on the statues, but to important to throw away.”

Is this true?

No, it’s not true. And you took this seriously…why?? :shrug:

LOL somebody has been reading too much Dan Brown…


Of course it’s not true. haha

Your friend needs to cite his source.

Sounds like bull to me. Pretty hilarious bull. :rotfl: I guess this ignoramus has never seen the “David”.

Did he give a source?

If you google the statue of David, he is intact.
If there happens to be a fig leaf on a statue, maybe it was there from the start.
How can you use this chat about the Church to get onto something more like beneficial to his soul? Plan your strategy. :wink:

You’re kidding right?
No it’s not true. :rolleyes:

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