Post-hysterectomy "dryness" a problem


I am new at this, and I am guessing that it is okay to ask if anyone that has had a hysterectomy has encountered any problems of dryness. I could have asked this on a medical website, but that would not have helped me with an answer that the church approves of. I don’t know if using lubricants to help the discomfort of dryness is allowed by the church. Anyone know?:confused:


**So long as the jelly/lubricant is 100% free of spermicides, is not a contraceptive, and there is a legitimate need to use the lubricant (vaginal dryness, or vaginal/penile irritation or pain during the marital act.) **

You most certainly have a legitimate medical reason to use a lubricant (as long as it meets the above critera.)

**K and Y regular Jelly (the kind they use during gynecological examinations) is not a contraceptive and does not contain spermicide. It is a good trusted choice, with minimal mess, and is rather cost efficient. **

I think that answers your question, if not, PM me and I will help you further. :slight_smile:

**BTW: I hope you are recovering quickly from your surgery! Blessings to you during your healing process! :slight_smile: **


Have I had issues with dryness? Yes and no. It’s not been as bad as we feared. Convert’s right, as long as it’s just a lubricant, there’s nothing in violation of Church teaching. We recommend KY Silk, it’s much more natural than those jellies.


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