Post Scottish referendum Glasgow 'riots' driven by anti-Catholic sectarian hatred

Australian press among first to report on post Scottish referendum Glasgow ‘riots’ tonight driven by anti-Catholic sectarian hatred with protesters ‘carrying flags and banners associated with the pro-Union Protestant Orange Order.’

No sign of story on BBC, accused of pro-union bias before Thursday’s referendum, as yet.

Now I was in Glasgow’s Merchant City just off George Square all night. Did not seen any trouble but so, so sad and sorry for anyone hurt in post referendum violence. Come on Scotland, we can do so much better than this.

Australian report on ‘riot’ based heavily on social media:

I think it would be a great mistake for Scotland to leave the union. With all the current global unrest and economic instability any nation as small as Scotland breaking away from a current union would be opening itself up to disaster.

We have some States that want to do the same thing in the USA. What come to mind in my case is this: A house divided cannot stand. Or United we stand, divided we fall. This is not the time for States or small nations to be cutting themselves off from a larger union.

I don’t profess to know all there is about Scotland, for I don’t. But in general the more united the free world can be the better. There is simply too much going on that is of a radical nature and violent for a lot of division.

As far as Catholic versus non-Catholic, I have never found a single war yet, despite claims to the contrary, that really had to do with God. They are all rooted in greed, control and power. Every single one of them.

Especially with that last statement!

BBC News article:

There is no need for violence. There never is.

I’m sure a new independence campaign will be mounted in ten years or so.


I am curious about the religious dimension of the conflict. I guess Glasgow is a hotspot for conflicts tied to religious identity. I am wondering how much of the most recent unrest is due to long-simmering resentments, rather than simply the referendum.

I absolutely agree.

I don’t believe Scottish independence should have anything to do with religion one way or the other. But whether it should and whether it does are two different things.:shrug:

I read that some Scottish unionists, i.e. most probably ‘orange marches participants’ - burned the Scottish flag! :confused:

Not all the rioters were Scottish with some of the crowd travelling up from England and with the Nazi salutes it would seem more to do with the BNP and Britain First than the referendum itself

That wouldn’t surprise me. Orange marchers were over from Northern Ireland, several days before the vote, so possibly some of that group were present, too.

Sorry to hear this. I did suspect this might happen. It’s hard to imagine this referendum not intensifying the sectarian stuff.

As an Australian with a somewhat cynical view of the Murdoch press, I wouldn’t read too much into it.

Give it another couple of weeks, and you’ll probably find most of it has faded into the background.

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