Post some beautiful pictures of Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary



I love that picture of Our Lord :slight_smile:


I love the picture of Jesus. Here’s some–

I really like this one

Blessed Mother

Mary and Infant Christ

I love this picture of Mary


The Coronation


Our Lady of Grace



Where do you find these pictures??


I’ve found lots of pictures on Google Images search :slight_smile:



:slight_smile: Those pencil drawings are so beautiful! I almost got teary eyed especially seeing Christ laughing!


aw I love those :smiley:


Amazing pictures of Christ and Blessed Virgin Mary

I thought Our Lady of Garabanal was not (yet) approved by the Catholic but than again I could be wrong.

Here are some favorite pictures of mine of Our Lord Jesus Christ

The Divine Mercy, Sacred Heart of Jesus, and so forth are my favorites also

Christ in Art (video)

Here are some favorite pictures of mine of Our Blessed Mother

Our Lady of Guadulupe, Our Lady of Knock, Our Lady of the Smile, Our Lady of Akita, Mary undoer of knots are my favorites also.

There’s so many…Sometimes, when I do a Google Search for images of Our Lord or/and Blessed Mother it hurts me so dearly that someone would put degrading images so I pray for these people.

Actually, the pencil drawing of Christ is by the artist Jean Keaton…This is from her website:




I don't think the Christ in Art (video) works anymore but here it is again


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