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Today was my first Theophany and I came home with a jar of holy water! Now I am wondering what to do with it exactly? The only use I know, I was told you can drink it on days when you are ill. But how long can you keep it? Could you freeze it? Put it in the fridge? In case we are ill 6 months from now? What do you do with the remainder? Pour it on the grounds of the church or our home? Help please Eastern Orthodox and friends :blush:


Christ is born!

Like you said, save some to drink. Mix some with your oatmeal in the morning :blush: Sometimes my wife might put some in the humidifier if we have some left over in the dry summer months. You can use it to water plants also. Lots of options.

On a side note, Theophany has to be a priests favorite time of year. I know it’s our priests! This video is not from our church, just found it on YouTube but I get a kick out of it :joy:



Love that video!!


The first splash/blessing made me laugh :joy:

I do wonder though if it’s a bit irreverent use of holy water




We keep our water in a glass jar in the fridge. We drink a little bit in the morning, use it for blessings, or add a bit when cooking. I also like the idea mentioned above about putting it in a humidifier.


In my parish we drank the holy water from paper cups and they collected the paper cups to burn them… which gave me such a fear of mishandling this holy water… which I immediately thought oh no, I shouldn’t have taken so much!!!


They even had to refill the gold bowl 4 times. :rofl:

If I find a “sprinkler” like that, I am going to give it to one of the priest I know who has a tendency to “get everyone wet” and especially the other parish priests when sprinkling with holy water during the Easter Vigil.


To be clear: Holy Water and Theophany Water are not the same thing.

Holy water is blessed, while Theophany water is consecrated, and uses an Epiiclesis.


What is a Theophany?
I would sprinkle it in each room of my home each day, and make the sign of the cross over myself with it.


Theo, God
Phan, manifestation.

Theophany in the east includes transfiguration, His baptism, and epiphany. It used to also include Nativity, until that got it’s own feasday.


Ahh…holy days. Thank you.


I am having difficulties in how to express it in English. (Brain is tired today.)

Is it a good way to express Theophany like: When God’s presence is shown to the world in the person of God the Son.


@HeDa: that sounds like a good description.


Theophany is a particular holy day.commemorating the various theophanies (except for Nativity, which has been separated to its own)


My parents always gave me Theophany/Holy Water when we were sick. We NEVER put it in a humidifier. :confounded: If there was only a little left, we used it to water the vegetables or flowers in the garden.


We also use holy water for purification an apartment.


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