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I know this has been talked about, and maybe some of you can send me the link to old threads instead of posting new ones …

but …

as I was cooking lunch today, it dawned on me that I have been cooking the SAME things for my poor DH, over and over again!

**Please share your favorite breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack **recipes **so I can cook something different this week!!! ** Thanks! :thumbsup:


I’ll start by sharing one of my quick and easy favorites:

Tastes great served with brown rice! :thumbsup: You can also use ground turkey instead of ground beef if you prefer!

Oh, and I also season my ground beef a bit more with salt, pepper, onion powder, and garlic powder to add more flavor.


We make what we call: Mock Lasagna:

1 lb. hamburger
1 package favorite mac and cheese
1 jar favorite spaghetti sauce
1 package favorite shredded cheese.

Prepare package of mac and cheese. Brown hamburger, drain. Add spaghetti sauce to browned hamburger and warm on stove. Dish out cooked mac and cheese into separate dishes and pour browned hamburger and warmed spaghetti sauce over the mac and cheese. Sprinkle favorite shredded cheese on top.

To make it more like lasagna, layer the mac and cheese into a baking pan with the hamburger/spaghetti sauce mixture in between the layers, sprinkling your favorite shredded cheese on top of each layer. Put in 350 degree oven for 30 minutes and serve.


One of my favorites is Albondigas - Mexican meatball soup.

If you like spicy, then this is the recipe for you, well, even if you don’t like spicy, you can just not use the chiles.

Here is my mom’s recipe (which I make once every month):

1 lb of ground pork
2 tomatoes - 2 if regular roma, or 2 small tomatoes.
2 chipotle in adobo (from a can) peppers
a slice of onion (about 1/4 of a medium sized onion)
knorr chicken flavored bouillon (2 cubes if in cubes, or 2-3 tbsp, depending on your taste)
1 egg
2 tbsp of rice
3 small zucchinis cut in 4 think slices each
24 baby carrots

First, grab a big pot and begin to boil water. Almost fill the pot with water.

While boiling the water, blend the tomatoes with the onion, chipotles and 2 tbsps/cubes of knorr with half a cup of water. Make sure this isn’t too think or too watery.

Grab a deep bowl and mix the ground pork with the rice, egg, and a bit of the blended tomatoe sauce. I’d say about half a cup of it.

Once you have mixed the meat with the rice, egg and sauce, and once the water is boiling, begin to make about 1.5 inch balls with the meat - a little smaller than a golf ball. Every time you make one, put it in the boiling water. Once you’re done with the balls, reduce heat to medium and cook for 20 minutes.

Then you add the zucchini, carrots and rest of the sauce to the pot, and add about 2 more tbsp of rice. Leave it to boil until the carrots and zucchini are tender. Taste the broth to see if it’s salty enough for you, if not, add more chicken bouillon.

Once the zucchini is cooked and the carrots are tender, you’re done. Overall, iIt takes about 40 minutes to be ready to serve.

I add a bit of lime juice to my plate to give it a bit of more flavor. But some of you might not like it. Oh, and we eat this with flour tortillas.

Hope you like it!


Not a recipe per se, but I use alot.

You can search by the name of a recipe or by ingredients.

Also, I have a calendar page where I listed 30 meals we like. Each week when I shop, I choose 7 meals off the list.


Haha Yessi, I have seen you talk about the meatball soup in a few different threads so I think it is great to have your recipe to try it out!

What are Chipotles? ( I know the flavour but… I don’t know what it is ) is that a chili?


chipotles are smoked jalapenos. They are usually sold in abodo sauce in the supermarket. adobo sauce is a spicy tomato based sauce.


A chipotle, is a chili, somewhat sweet usually dried and ground.

My favorite dish at the moment is cabbage and bacon with mashed potatoes.

But a great thing that I like to do to change it up is be creative with pasta. Do different shapes and even whole grains and add whatever you want. Red sauce, no sauce, alfredo, tomatoes, asparagus, mushrooms, onion, garlic…the possiblities are really endless, you can add almost anything to it.


Milanese chicken:

Chicken breast or chicken tenders pounded thin between sheets of wax paper

one bowl with egg, one with flour, and one with Italian breadcrumbs (for a pound of chicken I use about 4 beaten eggs and then flour and breadcrumbs I just pour in their bowls until it looks like “enough”)

Dredge chicken in egg, then flour, then breadcrumbs

Heat olive oil (I just pour some in, but it’s probably about 1/4 to 1/2 cup depending on how much chicken and how large of a pan) in a skillet over medium/medium-high heat

Cook chicken about 3-4 minutes per side (check for doneness w/meat thermometer)

Serve with some pasta, potatos, or other veggies.


hahaha, am I that obvious? I love that soup. You should try it. And yes, the chipotles are chilis, just as gam3rchic and kimaz said. You can find them in a Mexican section at stores, but since you’re in Canada, I don’t know how accesible Mexican groceries are.

1ke, that sounds yummy! My mom used to make them with beef steaks… I think I rather have them made out of chicken!


I made a family favorite tonight:

Chicken Pot Pie

1 C chicken, cut up
10 oz frozen mixed veg, thawed
I can cream of potato soup
1/4 c milk

Mix above together in a 9x9 square baking dish (mix the milk with the potato soup and pour over the rest of the ingredients). Season with salt and pepper.

1 C Bisquick
1 egg
1/2 C milk

Mix together and spread over chicken mixture. Bake at 400F for 30 minutes.


Anybody got a good dinner recipe for ground maple sausage? I’ve got two pounds in the freezer and need to use it. I have no clue what to do with it…something frugal, inexpensive would be nice. :wink:


This isn’t a dinner recipe, but dessert. I make this cake all the time and the kids love it:

Can’t Be Beet Cake

1 cup whole wheat flour
1/2 cup white unbleached flour (all purpose)
1/2 cup cocoa
1 1/4 cup sugar
2 tsp soda
1/2 tsp salt
1 T cornstarch
1/4 t cinnamon

Mix the dry ingredients together, set aside.

In the blender, put:
1 can sliced beets, drained (the 14.5 ounce size)
1/4 cup water

Puree the beets till smooth. Pour into a large measuring cup and add:

Enough applesauce to make 2 cups beet-applesauce mixture

Mix together in a large bowl:

Beet mixture
2 T water
1 t vanilla
1 t vinegar

Add the dry ingredients and mix well. Batter will be kind of thick.

spread in a lightly greased 9x13 pan, bake in a preheated 325 degree oven for 35 minutes.

To gild the lily, i make this frosting: no confectioner’s sugar required.

Glossy Chocolate Frosting

1 cup sugar
1/2 cup cocoa
1/4 cup corn starch
1/4 t salt
1 cup water

Mix these ingredients in a small saucepan, and heat to boiling. Boil 1 minute, stirring all the while with a whisk. The mixture will thicken FAST, so be careful. Remove from heat and add:

1/4 cup butter or margarine
1 t vanilla

Pour the frosting on the still-warm cake while the frosting is hot, spread on cake. (This frosting is best for 9x13 cakes in the pan.)

Let cool.

Slice and serve, smug in the knowledge that while your kids are scarfing down chocolate cake and saying, YUMMM…they’re eating beets. :smiley:


Again, here’s my favorite recipe site:
Everything I’ve tried from there has been a huge hit, especially the lasagna, all of the ‘snack’ things like wings, stuffed jalapenos and the chocolate sheet cake. My hubby actually asks for “Pioneer Woman Lasagna” now! I haven’t done them all, but I have made most of them, and I can’t wait til new ones come out–she updates pretty frequently with new recipes.


thaw and use for meatballs or meatloaf, for a change of flavor, serve with something congeniel like french toast, cornbread, polenta

quiche, invididual in greased muffin pan w/o crust, or regular using a standard quiche recipe (cook the quanitity of meat required first of course)

inside crepes or rolled pancakes, cooked and scambled w/eggs

shepherd’s pie, cook w/onions, add mixed veggies if family likes, top with mashed potato topping and bake

pasties (somebody has a recipe for the pastry here someplace) which be definition call for creative fillings
with maple flavored sausage try grated turnip, parsnip, or regular potato and onion using sweet onions like Texas sweets or vidalia. or grated carrot. wonder how sweet potato would work either in the pasties or shepherd’s pie?

tacos served as breakfast or main dish supper
favorite tortillas browned and heated on griddle
cook sausage down with chopped onion if you like it, and shredded hash browns, about equal quantities, use sage and parsley type seasoning, or Mexican depending on taste of family, mix with scrambled eggs and fill tortillas as you heat them. mild cheese like jack would be optional.

you can thaw all the sausage and either cook it down, or mix with other ingredients, and re-freeze in meal size batches with the other ingredients. the taco fill can be completely prepared, frozen in serving size lumps (muffin pan works well), and lumps put in a freezer bag, thawed in microwave one at a time

only pasties have to be made and eaten the same day to be best, although they are intended as a carry-with meal.


I do not cook often; but if I have family over or bring a dish somewhere, I always make my chicken spaghetti. It makes a lot so you could always freeze half or it’s yummy as leftovers.

3 chicken breasts
2 cans of cream of chicken soup
1 small green bell pepper
1 small onion
2-3 stalks of celery
1 can of Rotel tomatoes
about half a package of spaghetti
8-ounce package of shredded cheddar cheese
Salt and pepper to taste

Cook spaghetti according to directions

Prepare chicken however you want – I’ve poached it, baked it… you could also use left over chicken or turkey if you have that. let it cool and cut into bite-sized pieces

Chop the green pepper, onion, and celery and sautee it until the veggies are tender.

In a large mixing bowl, mix the veggies, the chicken, the spaghetti, the cream of chicken, and the rotel tomatoes thoroughly. If you have the time, refrigerate overnight and let the flavors all blend together.

Place in 9 by 13 baking dish and cover with cheese. Bake in a 350 oven until it is bubbling through and the cheese is melted.

As Rachael Ray says “YUMMO”


These all sound great! I hope more recipes get posted. Today is grocery list day and I am out of ideas!

Here’s a favorite of ours. It’s not especially healthy but it is tasty and inexpensive!

Enchilada casserole
1 lb ground beef
mexican spices (chili powder, cayenne pepper, onion powder, garlic salt, paprika)
10 small sized tortillas
1 can refried beans
1 large can tomato sauce
1 pkg colby/jack cheese or cheddar cheese

(optional, green chiles, black olives, onion, jalapenos)

Cook ground beef in a pan and drain. Stir in mexican spices of your choosing, refried beans and tomato sauce. If you desire, also add optional ingredients. Layer beef mixture, tortillas and cheese in a 9 by 13 pan. Start with a little of the beef mixture, followed by tortillas, beef mixture and cheese. Repeat 3 times. On the tortilla levels I use 3 tortillas. 2 across and then I tear the 3rd to fill in the gaps.

Bake at 350 for 30 minutes covered, then remove cover so that top cheese melts but doesn’t burn. I sometimes make this early in the day or the night before and refrigerate until it’s time to bake.

Serve with sour cream and salsa.


Mmmmmmmmmmmm! :slight_smile: I made this for dinner last night and my family loved it! I had more for lunch today.:coffee: I couldn’t find chipolte in adobe, so I substituted canned jalepenos with 1 tsp of “liquid smoke”. (I also used canned diced tomatoes instead of fresh, and I adjusted the quanity of water/chicken base/vegetable to taste for the size of our big soup pot.) Thanks for posting this. Nine thumbs up.:thumbsup:

I served yessisan’s soup with baked quesadillas:
2 flour tortillas with a handful of shredded cheddar cheese baked in the oven at 350 for about 10 minutes until cheese melted and tortilla slightly crispy. Cut into sixths or quarters. (The crispier quesadillas reminded me of crackers with soup, but seemed more fitting to albondigas soup.)


Here’s one of my favorites for the spring and summer months.

BBQ Pulled Pork

1 -2 Pork Tenderloin OR 1 Pork Shoulder (sometimes called Butt)

Put into a crock pot, rub lightly with olive oil and season with:

Ancho chili powder
Chipotle chili powder
cayenne pepper

Cook in chicken broth (about halfway up the pork) and your favorite BBQ sauce (homemade or out of a bottle).

Cook on low for 3-6 hours until fork tender. Shred with fork and serve however you want it.

Goes very good with cole slaw or braised cabbage.


FOOD! Yippie! I have great enthusiasm for food :slight_smile: My DH and I LOOOOVE to cook (and eat). Our tastes are slightly different than most in our area (the Midwest seems somewhat afraid of anything “different” in the culinary realm). We like a lot of “ethnic” foods, like Indian, Thai, Russian, etc.

I have had huge success with

In particular, we’ve frequently made the following recipes with delicious results:

Pot Roast:
Lasagna Bolognese (or just the sauce):

I know I’ll come up with some more soon! We find several on, but you do need to be careful - some on that site can be “fussy” and not taste very good (IMHO) when you’re done.

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