Postage stamp for JP 2?

Anyone else think this is a great idea?

JP 2 is a religious figure (which is disallowed), but his actions on the world stage for peace. . . and the end of communism. . . merit recognition beyond this.

Let me know your two cents!

I vote no. If we, as Catholics, demanded governmental recognition of one of our religious figures in this way, then the Muslims would be next in wanting the Ayatollah Khomeini. And how could the gov’t then say no? And besides, the leftists would protest it because fighting communism is bad, according to them.

Plus, I think John Paul the Great is WAY too big for a postage stamp. There are better ways to honor him, like trying to live up to his example. Really making a mark on the world, instead of just an image.

Oh…to the poster below me… I was assuming an American postage stamp. Being the arrogant American that I am… :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you suggesting he should be on an American stamp, a Vatican stamp, or some other place?

This page has information on the selection criteria for subjects for stamps. One criterion is:

  1. Stamps or stationery items shall not be issued to honor religious institutions or individuals whose principal achievements are associated with religious undertakings or beliefs.

On the other hand, the Vatican issues stamps…

A U.S. stamp. His political achievements on the world level merit this; humanitarianism, etc. You’re right about the religious affiliation concern.

I think it would be a great idea. Sure it might open the door to others, but who cares? I could even imagine a series of great religious icons. In addition, I could see Billy Graham on a stamp. I would have no problem with and Islamic or Hindu stamp commemorating a great international man of peace. Ghandi, maybe. If an Islamic religious leader could rise up and unite those people under a banner of peace, I wouldn’t mind a stamp.

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