Posters critical of Pope Francis appear around Rome


Posters of a stern-looking Pope Francis appeared on walls around Rome on Saturday, condemning his actions against some conservative Catholics and asking, “Where is your mercy?”

Written in local Roman dialect, the posters lamented that the Pope had “removed priests; decapitated the Knights of Malta” and “ignored Cardinals,” echoing some of the major complaints some conservative Catholics have about Pope Francis’ recent decisions. The posters were not signed by any group.



I read about this earlier today. :frowning:


I have no strong opinion about this either way, but I do wonder who would have gone through all of the trouble to put these all up.


I am a bit confused.

Conservative Catholics?


NBC said there were dozens of these posters and that most had been covered up. In a city the size of Rome is that really news worthy ?


I’ve seen this story on some more Traditional-leaning websites.

Apparently the posters are mostly critical of the Pope’s treatment of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate and the Knights of Malta.

Still, something isn’t adding up, because I can’t think of too many Traditional Catholics who would opt for such a “democratic” form of protest. We’ll have to watch as this story unfolds.


Apparently after 50 years liberals are now having a sad at criticizing the pope. Fun times to be alive.


You people cannot help yourselves can you?


I was lost on “having a sad.”:confused:


Speak English or Die! :smiley:


It gave me pause too. Maybe it is akin to “all upset”.


I think what was meant was “liberals are now have a say at criticizing the pope.” The problem, though, is that it seems to be conservatives who were responsible for these posters… So even if we fix a spelling or grammar error, there is still a lot of confusion here.


I don’t think so. I think he meant after 50 years of liberals criticizing the pope now they don’t like to see Pope Francis criticized.

I don’t like to see the Pope criticized. I tend to think about when God punished Aaron and Miriam from speaking against His servant Moses.
Praying for Pope Francis and all the Bishops is what we need to be doing.


Wow, thanks for translating! Never would’ve gotten that. :confused:

It’s really sad to see **any **pope being criticized. Turning on one another in the wake of this just reaffirms the problems in our Church. :frowning:


Constructive, respectful and charitable criticism of the Holy Father’s actions is permissible by the faithful in my opinion. But character attacks or attacks on his dignity or the authority of his office are just plain unacceptable for any Catholic, left or right leaning.

These posters have crossed a line.




I can think of a few just from reading some of the threads of CAF. :frowning:


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