Posting in Evangelization

This subforum is designed to meet with others involved in religious education, catechesis, RCIA, CCD, and missionary outreach - to compare experiences in an effort to learn from one another.

This is a discussion board first and foremost. Original posts should ask a question, pose a hypothesis, present examples of programs and methods which work in evangelization ministries with the intention of discussing those topics.

For those who have participated in a variety of evangelization efforts at the parish, diocesan, national, or international levels, your reviews of those efforts are most welcome.

This is not a forum for members to evangelize to the readership through links to blogs, media, or reflections on scripture. The Spirituality, Popular Media, Catholic News, Sacred Scripture, Prayer Intentions, and Back Fence sub-forums are better suited for that.

Thank you for helping those in the ministry of evangelization with their mission. Sharing your experiences and techniques will go a long way to helping them reach their goals.

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