Posting on craigslist

I work part-time but need some extra cash until I can find another part-time permanent job in something of my interest. I found something that pays good and would work with my current schedule, but some of the work would be taking photos and posting on craigslist. The lady I would be working for is 61 years old and she said she’s not good with that. So, would it be ok if I posted them for her?? Also, if it pays cash, would I need to fill out anything or report to IRS??

Thank you!!

What kind of pictures would certainly matter.:wink: But yes, that should be ok.

You should probably ask an accountant about tax issues.

She mentioned pictures of her car

What possible moral issue would there be with posting pictures of an old lady’s car on craigslist!?

Well, because I don’t know if you can post for other people on craigslist. Usually it’s the owner

:shrug::shrug: I dont see the problem. Are you familiar with Craigslist? Perhaps you could explain what you think could be problematic about this.

The owner is asking for technical assistance in posting an ad.:shrug:

I just read online that it was prohibited to post on behalf of someone else. I contacted craigslist but I don’t know if I will even get a response back. I don’t see an issue personally, but if there are specific rules then I don’t want to do anything illegal, if it is.

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