Postmodern YWCA

Well, the annual Pride parade in Toronto was apparently another smashing success.

There was some rain yesterday, but I don’t think it compares to the damper on the parade from this news article. “Abused women living in a YWCA facility in North Toronto say they’ve been forced to share showers with transsexual tenants”

“(A transsexual) threatened one of the women from the 4th floor and when she went and complained to staff, they said she had to be patient with him because he’s going through a sex change,” a tenant said."

In a postmodern world, not only is the “C” in YWCA optional, now the “W” is as well.

Wonderful. :frowning:

The article is not clear whether the transsexual in question has had genital surgery or not. I think this is an important distinction. Clearly, someone with a penis shouldn’t be sharing a communal shower with women.

But it seems the YWCA facility mentioned in the article has a lot of problems.’

Last week, the Sunday Sun revealed complaints arising from a YWCA residence in the east-end, including women getting punched, receiving death threats from other tenants and men staying in the women-led building – in some cases for up to 11 years.

Yesterday, the Sunday Sun reported that some women living in the Riverdale YWCA assisted-housing facility are using the taxpayer and United Way-subsidized building as a base for prostitution – even bringing johns into their apartments.

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